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Playing Morts in S4.

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Played a game this weekend using the little bit of spoiled rules changes form last weeks 

Played Sclpel,Dirge/VHemlocke/oGraves/Bonesaw/Pelage

Opponent: Theron/Fahad/Zarola/Jaecar/oHearne/VMinx

Won roll off and had him kick off to me. He kicked off with Theron and it moves out of range of any of his models.

The fact that he started with 1 mom really changed up my normal game plan since normally I would pounce on the kick off model with Scalpel but since Theron has a Double dodge on 2 I couldn't just go into him.

Turn 1: VHemlocke goes up and Blinds Theron using Soul Seer. Theron and OHearne character play her to death. Bonesaw passes back an forth between Graves twice using Tap in and Dervish. Then on the third pass he goes to Scalpel. Scalpel springs up dodges off Theron into Fahad. Dodges around Fahad into goal range. Heroics. Shot into goal and jogs away. He kicks to Jaecar who then sprints to about half field.

Turn 2: Win initiative. Using the free dodge within 8in of edge. Hemlocke comes back on. Dodges over to Jaecar. Mom T. I then premeasure and fall about an inch short of being able to Midnight with Soul Seer and jog to shot on goal. So I jog her back and pass to Pelage in tap in range.. Theron puts pinned on Scalpel and moves around to put the goal inbetween her and him. She dodges out around the goal due to Gameplan card then goes into him for some momentum. Bonesaw passes and dervishes off oGraves again thanks to Tap in passes then jogs into goal range and scores. Vhemlocke gets taken out by Jaecar.

Turn 3. He stashes the ball far away with it taking about 2 turns to reach it. Grudge Match lets me take out Jaecar. While most of his team digs in and takes out Scalpel.

Turn 4: Zarola is left with 3 life within walking distance of Graves. Won initiative and Graves walks over and pokes her three times for 1 damage.

The new rules are going to make it harder to control the an early take out or isolate a model but it sure did speed up teams getting into each other Turn 1. Im excited to see more leaked rules and some player edits as well. 

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