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Andrew Jones

Singled Out Radio - Episode 71 - An Interview With A Perkins Part 33.3 - vCalculus and vCinder

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Andrew and Jason talk to Jamie Perkins about Veteran Calculus and Veteran Cinder, including how they were designed and how they play.
You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time!
Eternal thanks to Beardminis for the heartfelt Patreon commerical, find his channel at http://Www.youtube.com/c/BeardMinis

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Also for those interested, The Tamplin liked vCalculus and flippin' loves vCinder. The Tamplin now refers to himself in the 3rd person...

Also +1 Internet point, Sylvester McCoy was indeed the best Doctor - FIGHT ME! :)

[EDIT] - Assists don't stack.

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10 minutes ago, The Old Buzzard said:

So has Bryce over ruled him then? :)

V Cinder's 2" melee barely gets a mention. That feels significant to me. 

In the rules forum the lawyers have indeed overruled this. 

Yep a built in 2" is amazing. 

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