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Kicking with Falcons

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Seems like Devana prefers to recieve, but who to kicks when the time comes? Early days now, but as people play more how does the pick change with opponent captain/team selection or terrain?

First simple thoughts in loose order, based on the notion that Falconers' ideal T1 is to sit back reletively deep, coat the midline with harriers, and crush some poor scrub with Devana:

Ikaros - Ball kick pressure. Resource-lite 11" inch virtually unimpeded move and attack, 15" with harrier set up and sprint. Reliable mom tackle on 1 for retreival, reliable 4/8 kick for the shot.

Egret - Flexible kick pressure. Poison flurry on 2-3 models with BTTS to deny reprisal can be nasty to start up the damage or drain enemy mom in T1. Has okay speed, tackle math and kick to threaten the ball, but lets be honest it doesn't set the world on fire. Currently not a popular choice for inclusion in 6 I think, pending S4 changes. 

Devana - Damage Kick pressure. Extends first turn attack threat well into enemy half if enemy is likely to stay deep, which could save on sprinting inf. Potential to steal the ball from range and airmail back? However, doesn't usually need the extra distance to be effective.

Mataagi - Flexible kick pressure. Could wait for something to come into range (if the enemy doesn't want to this is board control) throw harrier long, shoot arrows, use jog to retreat. Def 5/0 is nice against enemies that like to use character plays on kickers early. His native speed and hot shot give him good range for ball retreival (though the maths is likely to be poor), with great range on the kick either on goal or back to friendlies (again not great maths). Ten wounds, def 5/0, is fine on the flank away from pressure, but throwing him in centrally unsupported is almost certain suicide.

Rundaas - Damage Kick pressure. Could do a Jaecar - run in, do damage, generate mom. However, Jaecar works by going late to minimise reprisal and giving the enemy mom, and using BTTS to get back to relative safety, Rundaas will be sat there. Also, given Divana strongly wants to go after all the harriers are out, so there is some activation order conflict.

Frelsi - 3/4 kick gets the ball over the line as well as any player. The extra movement gives Frelsi good flexibility to position for the assist, either extending hackback, saving Devana's inf by not needing hackback, or saving inf on a Frelsi sprint. If something hits the bird, oh well, loved creature. Could this be legitimate? Is it a pipe dream?

vHearne - Gets his slow arse up to develope the board, maybe throw a skewered if not running three harriers? Seems bad. Pending S4 changes.

Minerva - No? Squishy important set up player, no kick or damage threat, can do what she wants to (throw harrier at midline) without extra movement. 

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As top falconers player (lol, that will never get old, dispute how ridiculous it is), Ikaros is definitely the choice I go with now.

Against the fighting teams you really need to control where the fights happen. Ideally you don't want to let the enemy create a big scrum, but split them up so that it allows you to use your mobility and range to your advantage. Ikaros is a great distraction and "false" target to tempt your opponent forward and then pull them away to somewhere else. His :momPD: on 2 is quite achievable, and even if not, with a momentum to spend, the double move gets you out of engagement even if they knock you down on the parting blow. Even if you dont get to apply the ball presure he assuredly provides, kicking with him tempts players into the middle to deal with him and then he can move away and draw attention onto a second location.

Essentially, you really want to receive with devana, and being a minor guild gives you a better chance at doing so, but when you kick, Ikaros is definitely your nest option.

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