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Bevis Beardman

Harvest Festiballs (Farmers Themed Tournament) 6/10/18

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We have done Minor Guild launch event's before but this is the first in our new Guild Themed days! Co-hosted by The Games Shop and Chris Tamplin.

Autumn is upon us and it is time to reap that which we have sown.

This will be a normal tournament with a strong Farmer's influence (watch where your'e treading!). We'll be using the OPR format (and possibly the last Season 3 before the new Season 4 rules release).

16 player capacity.

You can also find the event on Longshanks:

The event is held at The Games Shop, Aldershot:

We are located right in the heart of Aldershot town centre, easily accessible from the M3.

The best parking on is located at the Wellington Centre car park, a few minutes walk from the shop.

Alternatively, Aldershot train station is just five minutes walk away.

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