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Masons INTO gunlines / Theron

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My friend has been playing a lot of hunters which is normally a Theron lead.
I've been trying a Honour/V-harmony/V-chisel/Lucky team for condition hate - but trying to play around the immense amount of control with the pinned/forest combo etc. is super hard.

It's generally a V-Minx/Minerva/Theron/Jaecar core, all of which are brutal in their way, with a lot of control. 

Or a more gunliney Theron/Egret/Hearne/Cha line up.

Should I be playing for 3 goals, or should I be trying to fight through the control and get some TO's.

I'm aware that Masons can sort of attempt everything, but not sure what i'm supposed to be doing into all the control, and how do I counter pick for the difference between melee reach theron and shooty shooty theron.

Side note: If say Honour is in the Harrier Template and Theron shoots her. He would normally do 3 damage and snare her. If Vharmony redirects all the damage to herself, Honour is no longer hurt so doesn't get snared.
Does Vharmony get snared, or does the damage no longer count as from him?

Does Vharmony take 2 or 3 assuming she's standing outside of the harrier but original target is within it?

Many thanks


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Re your "Side note".

You need to look in the Rules clarification section to see if these questions have been asked there.

If they haven't, that is the right place to pose your questions, one per thread.

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