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Red Raccoon Games Summer League - July 18th to Aug 22nd

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Red Raccoon Games in Bloomington, IL will be hosting a 6 week Guild Ball league to cap out the summer and get some fun release kit games in.

No previous experience required.  If someone does not have models but wishes to participate, please contact JSKrush / james.kroesch@gmail.com and we'll work to setup something.


Location: 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL 61701

Start: July 18th

End: Aug 22nd

Store Time: 5pm - 9pm Wednesdays.

$10 entry for the league to cover prize support.


Tracking: https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1266


Players use the same Guild for entirety of league.  Players may also use their Guild's currently available Union / Minor guild options.

May use full guild roster during team selection per each match using normal draft rules and pre-game sequence per the current organized play document.


Painted models not required.  Proxies and paper/acrylic/mdf stand-ups allowed, provided the appropriate sized base is used.

Any model will full cards previewed through Steam Forged blog are allowed to be played.



Play a maximum of one league match per week, any day/time.  Efforts will be made to make sure that each player plays each other participate throughout the league.

Players can play matches at other pre-arranged times during the week as they like.  Results just need to be shared with the JSKrush / james.kroesch@gmail.com.

May also play one Exhibition Game per week, but not required.


        League Match Played +1 point

        League Match Win +2 points

        Exhibition Game Played +1 point

                       Choice of:

                                 Farmer's Game

                                Smith's Game

                                Rat's Game

                                Falcon's Game


Player with the most points at the end of the league will be the League champion.


Prize Support:

         LE Piper

         LE Millstone

         LE Bolt

         LE Tator

         LE Bonesaw

         LE vGraves

         LE Egret

         LE vHearne

         LE vSalt

         Morticians 3 model box

         Hunters team box


For each Exhibition Game played, both players will get a supporting card and ball/token from the related prize kit.


Winning Categories:

         League Champion

         Best Painted by end of league (Not painted at start of league)

         Random Raffle draws

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