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Played into the Ratcatchers for the first time last night (also first match up with Teheran new cards) - found it quite the uphill battle!


He took the out of the box team, I had Hammer, Wrecker, vHarmony, Tower, Mallet and Flint.


Turn 1: After the winning the roll and opting to receive, I had Flint grab the ball and sit behind some cover and pass to Mallet - all seemed well. The Piper went first and ended up behind dancing around Mallet and knocking him off the pitch. More out of revenge than anything, Hammer arrived and proceeded to knock the Piper off the pitch. Not much else happened bar Miasma throwing some damage and a condition at Tower who had managed to get the ball and pass it back to Harmony.

Masons 2 - Rats 2

Turn 2: Hammer moved up field and laid into Scourge leaving him on 6 health - this is where I learnt that he hits like a train. Scourge and Miasma reduced Hammer to 1 hit point and Pelage ran down and left Mallet also on 1. I switched to footballing and Flint scored. Harmony moved in to provide cover for Hammer but Mallet keeled over.


Masons 6 - Rats 4


Turn 3: The piper pulled off a combo to zip straight down field and score. This and a nearby Harmony bought Hammer enough time to delete Miasma followed up by a wounded Tower passing the ball upfield to Flint for a snapshot to finish the game.


Mason 12 - Rats 6


With my line up I’d planned on simply pummelling his team, maybe going for a goal and ended up going for a two goal desperation win as the pummelling was coming my way. While the score line was in my favour, I had Tower, Flint and Hammer all hovering around 6 HP - one more turn and the game would likely have swung entirely to Rats. Disease, KD and 2 inch melee caused Hammer problems. 


Interested if if anyone else has any experience with this match up - the win felt more like luck than anything?



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Rats are janky, no doubt about it. They’re a surprisingly good footballing team offensively but have no real way to protect the ball.

The Snackdigger combo isn’t too hard to pull off and so they can become a 2-2 team fairly easily as well, and Piper is phenomenal at shoving people off the pitch.

I haven’t played against them with Masons, but I have played them with Butchers (once) and Union (many times). Personally I like to score goals as fast as possible because it’s relatively easy to get the ball back from them.

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Disease is a pain, but played 3, won 2 so far and learned that vHarmony is your friend. Smelling Salts is a life saver around the disease spreaders, and really helps keep you ahead on momentum.

Hammer likes to beat on Rats, if you're neatly in the counter-charge bubble, suddenly Piper is less kean on jogging towards you. Flint doesn't really like Skulk as he struggles to get away, but he still makes a good place to park the ball if you can keep him away from Pelage.

Stay away from the pitch side too as Piper can push you some obscene distance if he wants to. 

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