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oSiren, a wrapped playbook, Seduced and snap shots.

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So last night I got to live the dream and chained together an oSiren charge into one model, allowing her to trigger Seduced off the attack which I threw at an enemy model holding the ball, who successfully made a pass to Shark who in turn made a snap shot and scored.

However, in the process of her charge, oSiren wrapped her playbook and I wanted to check that I resolved things properly:

  • So oSiren declared a charge at Boar who was also engaged by Jac .
  • Boar declared a counter attack and Siren made her move.
  • She made an attack with 8 dice and got 4 net-hits.
  • I selected her :momGBGB: and :momD: and generated 2mp as there was nothing to cancel them.
  • I elected to do the triggered seduce first and the dodge second.
  • Siren seduced Meathook who was within 6" of her and chose to have Meathook pass to Shark.
  • The pass was fine and as Shark was within shooting range and I had enough MP so I declared a Snap Shot.
  • Shark scored.

After this is where I got a little less clear on correct procedure.

I know normally an activation ends as soon as a goal is resolved however there are things that can interrupt that (Second Wind and Run the Length etc) and on top of that there were already things that had been triggered that needed to be resolved (the counter attack and the dodge).

As the rules for wrapping on page 35 say "The Controlling Player must resolve all results generated but may do so in any order."  I played it out as follows:

  • Shark elected not make a Run the Length.
  • oSiren resolved the rest of her attack result and dodged back 1".
  • Boar's counter attack then resolved but as Siren was now 3" away from him no attack was made.
  • oSiren's activation ended.
  • The goal kick was then resolved.

Did I play that out correctly?


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That sounds correct to me. The Snapshot would prevent you declaring anything else oSiren, but you still get to resolve the current action(s).

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