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Crucible and Big League plot card Angry Dead

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Hi all,

Here's a hypothetical question. What if an Alchemist player buys a Mortician player's Big League plot card Angry Dead, which states:

"The friendly model may immediately make an Attack without spending Influence before being removed from the Pitch." The requirement for this effect is "A friendly model suffers the taken-out condition."

What if Crucible is taken-out, attacks her opponent per this plot card and chooses a damage result. Will the taken-out condition also be transferred to the opponent's model due to Chemical Admixture, which states:

"When damaged by this model, enemy models suffer all conditions this model is currently suffering."

Does this mean that Crucible can thereby one-shot any player after being taken-out herself? :P

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Taken-Out is a condition, so it would be transferred by Chemical Admixture.  Note that this does not reduce the enemy model to 0 hp unless the damage component of the attack does so, traits like Escaping Fate, Noxious Death, Overheat, Reanimate don't trigger.  If the damage portion of the attack does reduce the target to 0 hp and it has Escaping Fate or Reanimate, it suffers the Taken-Out condition, conceding 2 VP, but it's trait clears that and all other conditions before it is removed from the pitch.

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