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My expereince with Farmers so far.

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Hey guys, now real life has calmed down a bit I'll be able to put some more regular content out for the blog. Today I decided to write up my expereince with Farmers over the last month.
I know there has been some talk recently on the guild, so check out what my experience has been and let me know what you think.
Cheers all :)

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Nice write up!  I didn't start playing Farmers until after their nerf either.  I also feel like they're still a strong guild, and really enjoy Grange's play style, in particular.  While I suppose there is a lot of room for error with Farmers (positioning, forgetting to place harvest markers, etc), I also really enjoy that aspect of them, and the rewards you get when you're able to execute all of it perfectly together.

It's nice to read another person's thoughts written out about the guild I play most.  I appreciate your efforts!

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