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Falconers tournament outing

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Thanks to the very generous TO and opponents at Leodis Games today I was able to use my acrylic falconers in a 4 game tournament. I went 3:1 which now makes me (however briefly) top Falconers player IN THE WORLD! (Seriously, I'm a very average player, but I guess ive pkayed them more than many so far, sobthere may be some kernels of wisdom I can share).

Here's what I learnt:

1. Managing engagements is key to their success. They're not as light as they may at first seem. The fact that they need to be 6" away from the enemy makes them vulnerable, and they are generally slightly below average hp and defensive stats, but with careful feeding of models to the enemy in a controlled manner you can manage the rate that you lose hp and give up vps. But against anyone other than probably shark you're probably going to lose models. Rundaas and Minerva want to be engaged, so they're your most likely candidates. Fortunately Rundaas is pretty nails with tough hide - surprisingly hard to kill. You don't want to keep them stuck in a big scrum with all your enemy's players. Sacrificing other models as a distraction did a job for me. Ikaros is actually pretty good for this - if he's anywhere near the ball he's too much of a threat to leave alone and one of your better defensive statted models so can soak up a few hits. Use him to split up enemy attention.

2. You don't need three harriers. Yes they're nice and you can do good work with 3, but it adds an extra set up activation that threatens little directly. A lot of the time Devana's activation doesn't allow for more than 2 Death from Aboves, and waiting around 3 or 4 activations to get it all set up can be a big problem. Limiting yourself to 2 harrier players feels like you're a lot more tactically agile, and those 2 should be Minerva and Rundaas. Minerva is a superb set up machine and Rundaas turns 4 influence into 4 good things practically every activation.

3. vHearne is an excellent battery and half decent back up brawler. There's so many good uses for last light in this team. Devana is an obvious target for it with 3x 1 INF character plays, but I've also found it good on Ikaros - you've usually got 1 INF spare to put on him even if you're not planning anything with him, but with a last light he threats 11" to the ball and a tackle (more if he can run through a harrier), or decent for reacting to an enemy goal and moving the ball a big distance. It also gives you chance to escape a KD parting blow - take flight to leave, take the parting blow, then get back up and sprint away. Can be a decent way of pulling the enemy in different directions and making the most of your hp. It can also potentially make for a decent bluff to attract attention to a model you're not really planning much from. When you're flush on MP, it can also be used for a 2 inf character play, including skewered from hearne himself. Back to vHearne: as a back up brawler he's not a bad replacement for minerva if she's out of it for a turn. He's got the KD, and skewered gives out snared which is helpful, and the momentous >> is decent.

4. Devana can mix it in combat as well as at range. If you've already got your harriers, eye spy and dirty knives in place, and frelsi engaging (which isn't that hard to do, I've found) there's really not much you can do with the other 2 or 3 INF in her stack than punch them in the face. You can still death from above when you're in melee, and being in there isn't such a worry if you're finishing off a model or two in the process. Tied with the tactical agility argument I mention in (2) above, this let's you play the takeout-as-control game butchers used to play so well in S2. She can go in first activation if you need, too. frelsi on her own can be enough to get the takeout on a key model, but with just a Minerva activation gone she can really go to town. I nice I've found is to leave a model on 3 or less so that devana can legendary them at the start of her activation for the takeout whilst also helping set up the next target. The skill is knowing when to take her in. Once I went in on brick and failed to take him out, so he just hit me back and, with knockback, took himself out of the harrier which could have saved Rundaas an attack setting it up. In another game I took out a 6-stack corsair under a single harrier before he got to activate. Timing and knowing how much set up you need to do the job is incredibly important to doing well with her, and that's the interesting puzzle of playing this team.



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