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BIG BAD BEARD BALL BASH 9th September - Borehamwood

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Club pre-sale: 25th June 9am

General on sale: 9th July 9am

Thor's Hammer Gaming Club and Beardminis are proud to host the inaugural “Big Bad Beard Ball Bash”, a 16 person Guild Ball Tournament 


16 Players, 4 Rounds



1. Tickets:


Tickets are £15 which buys you entrance to the tournament, lunch (more on this later) and invitation to an evening of open gaming and Barbecue with Thor’s Hammer gaming club. 


Tickets will be available purchase for club members for two weeks prior to going on sale to general public.



2. Things to bring:



Team, widgets, dice, any other games you wish to play in the evening and the latest Game Plan Cards & Player stat Cards in accordance with the most recent  FAQ and released season rules as released by Steamforged Games.



3. Agenda & Timings:



09:00 – Player Registration 

09:30 - 11:20 GAME 1

11:30 - 13:20 GAME 2

13:20 - 14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00 - 15:50 GAME 3

16:00 - 17:50 GAME 4

18:00 - Presentations 


4. Prizes:



Yup, totally having those



5. Format:



In complete accordance with the latest Organised Play Document as published by Steamforged Games as currently published at https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa94b18165f531655e2a1e/1521128628771/GB-S3-RegionalCup-11.pdf



6. Best Painted Team:



As judged by an impartial judge (Not me).


Teams to be submitted for judgement should be on available for viewing during the lunch break.

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