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Rookie Boiler

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A caveat: I did NOT look at anything past the R-Level cards. I just figure I'll play him and let him grow.

I get that Boiler can turn into a legendary murder machine by choosing an Aggressive Cutter. However, I wanted to try giving him some flex. I am concerned that at full strength a Slippery Puppy Pal might not have the necessary bite. Actually, I am wondering about Puppy Pal in general. I'm a bit concerned about focusing on the mascot simply because if the Princess is not close enough to Assist (assuming Boiler gets Assist eventually) or gets taken out that basically half Boiler's card is irrelevant. Then again, at Level R the only ability there is Here, Girl!! and that functions without range restrictions while adding some defense.

So, without spoilers if able, I wanted to know if people think that Puppy Pal might be too much of a liability / limiting.

As is I am leaning toward a Slippery Cutter. I like him having some bite, but mostly want to have fun. I'm hoping this is a good balance. Besides, in my FLGS my Boiler already has a reputation of not dying when he probably should, and I'm hoping Slippery will enhance his reputation.

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