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Playing into new Hunters

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So I have been playing Fish a bit lately and feel like we are in a bad spot verse Hunters now. I used to drop Corsair into Hunters, and the game seem to be somewhat balanced on both ends, but now with the inclusion of the Falcons' plus VMinx we are in a hard way. When I have played them if they kick off, their first activation seems to be Fahad, they use him to block one drag angle with Corsair. Next Corsair will get peppered by Theron and force an angle to, where I can not drap without some Hag dodges. After this they will use VMinx as their other blocker to Theron or other good targets. With the damage on Corsair, he is trying to drag defense 5 models out of the way. Basically Fahad and VMinx are a moving obstacle with a forest AOE for assistance to cut LOS. That's when I run Corsair.

Now when I run Shark I run into gut and string, snare, pin, and snipe issues keeping us from scoring effectively. What have you all been running to be effective against the new models?

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