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Mason captain choices post exiles

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The Exiles have been out for a little while now we've seen them at a few tournaments such as Vengeance.

Veteran Decimate is the new broken according to the internets, but have the addition of the exiles changed which captains we as Masons players would pick against the other guilds?

Any thoughts?

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The Exiles are Decimate (Brewers), Minx (Hunters), Hemlocke (Morticians), Honour (Farmers), Gutter (Butchers) and Harriet (Engineers).

Here's my take on their additions:

For the Brewers, my choice stays Honour. The gameplan doesn't change that much, except that Flint is way more vulnerable due to Decimate being female and having 2" reach. Decimate will be one of your prime take-out targets, together with Spigot and Friday. On just 13 HP, Honour can easily one-round her with Assist or Tooled Up. Difficulty increases somewhat, but decent positioning should negate that.

For Hunters, my gameplan also stays the same. I usually just pick Hammer and show them they're not that tough. I don't think the match-up will change that much.

Hemlocke gives the Spooks a better ball game and more mobility, and they get access to Blind. Hammer doesn't like being Blind. Bringing Honour spreads out the amount of threats, so it's harder for them to choose who to Blind. Also, Scalpel is a thing. Our Spooks match-up has grown a bit tougher.

Honour won't get picked that much, and if she is you're happy that either Millstone, Tater or Harrow isn't on the field. No change.

Gutter brings another 2" reach model to the Butchers, which can reliably deal decent damage to our mostly 1" models. Still, I'd just pick Hammer and out-butcher them. I see a light increase in difficulty, but nothing notable.

Harriet brings some anti-Flint tech ánd our low DEF scores can give cause to some Sucker Punch shenanigans. As if the Engineers match-up wasn't hard enough already... The gameplan doesn't change that much, though. Bring Hammer and engage as soon as possible.

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