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Things I think I learned...

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So, as a follow-up the e-mail I sent last week asking for advice with my first run out of the Morts, I thought I'd put some of my initial thoughts out. I know you're all dying to hear thoughts and reflections from a guy with 5 Mortician games under his belt, but I figure if people took time to response I should take time to post and it might give you a little trip down memory lane when you were a young, fresh-faced morts player with totally skewed thoughts and ideas.

First off, I went 1-3 and dropped after the fourth round.  There was a 5th round, but by that time is was 8:30 and night, and although I was actually excited to play again, I had buddies playing in other tournies who had waited for me to go get dinner, so I had to bow out.  I lost my first three games, so no doubt I was wading in shallow water.  That said, my first two games were against Corsair fish, and I lost both 10-12.  In the second game, I was one activation away (which might as well be an eternity) from winning, as he got the takeout before I could to win it.  So, not horrible for literally my first full 4 games with the guild.  Game three was vRage Union.  I'm not good enough to know if that's a bad match-up, but it didn't feel good.  Mist was giving him major goal threats, and the rest of his team was pretty stompy.  I lost 2-12, but have to confess that of all my games on the weekend, my heart was just not in it.  I bounced back with a win in Round 4 against Balista Engineers.  

Oh, for your knowledge my 10 was 8 - Obulus, Dirge, Vileswarm, oGraves, Ghast, Casket, Cosset, Brainpain (Memory).  That's what I had assembled and partially painted.  

With that, I present things I learned.  I am fully aware that I have a super limited sample of games, I'm likely not even able to see optimized play on the horizen, and some of these thoughts on based on wading into the kiddy pool until I was almost on dry land.  

* Obulus is a lot of fun.  Scoring goals, bringing people into the murder zone, and just generally threatening to be a jerk is all very fun.  I know conventional wisdom is to save his feat as the threat of it is almost a feat in itself.  I felt like I was able to do that fairly well.  One time I popped it to grab 9 MOM.  Another time I used it for the first activation goal when Obi was all by himself.  Those felt good, and I definitely enjoyed the psychological games he plays with the opponent. 

* Brainpan and Memory are actually kind of newb friendly  I was worried about them being too much, but the truth is I remembered to dance the puppet way more than I thought.  Now I'm not sure I used them the most effectively, but honestly, the ability to reposition the puppet two inches every activation (friendly) was awesome.  My spatial awareness of where fights would exactly happen still isn't great, so being able to dodge in for the critical crowd outs and assists (the names always escape me) was awesome.  The no VP death meant I was willing to be uber agressive with Memory.  I even got a long range goal with the duo in one game.  I also liked that even with 0-1 influence, they could be doing something valuable

* I really liked having models that I could give 1 influence to and still feel like they provided value.  oGraves with one influence felt very good with his 2 inch melee zone and ability to give Tooled up to someone.  He could also use the 1 INF to sprint or even attack if the situation drastically changed.  I never really used him much outside of that role, but again, that's probably where my skill cap needs to increase.  Brainpan also felt pretty good with 0-1 b/c the puppet kept doing work by getting where I needed.  

* speaking of doing work with 1 INF, I realize I'm probably wrong here, but I didn't mind Vile swarm at all.  putting 1 influence on and using that to charge a human felt pretty good.  I only played him with the full morts once, but used him in four games of the Homelands Cup (forgot my Princess and wanted to practice the morts I could).  I never gave him a buff, but the ability to put rabid animal up on someone with with one influence was great.  I really messed up an Ox activation with that.  I also lived the dream in the one Mort game I brought him where I had oGraves tool himself up, and go scything blow 3 union models, and a damaged Vile Swarm, who then exploded, dropping 7 damage on all the Union guys.  

* that said, the Bird isn't bad either.  I didn't get much singled out placed, as giving the bird two feels terrible.  However, the ability to fly 10 inches to get crowd outs or engaged counter charge models is really good.   Obviously I ran cosset in every game, so the bird also is very nice with her around.  I'm not sure it's necessary, but it is really good.  

* Cosset was good and fun, though I've definitely experienced the first-time gamblers curse with her: that being the fella who goes the casino for the first time and pulls $200 out of the slots or off the blackjack table, and then just assumes that's how gambling works.  My first game I was able to pull Kraken into a massive Morticians murder ball, and then throw a tooled up Cosset at him on the charge.  She wrapped 3 times and did something like 16 damage to his tough hide self.  She never did too bad for me, as most times I was able to disengage her and get the furious charge off, but I was giving her 2 INF most turns.  I never once used Lure, so definately going to have to figure that out.  

* I experienced the full gut punch that is the missed obulus bonus-timed, tap-in goal to win.  That was brutal.  Thank goodness I was able to get a casket time off the next turn to get the win.   Obulus also had a huge miss in my blow-out loss to the Union where he missed a 4 die puppet strings on 3's.  That seems like it's going to be pretty hard to come back from.   Once I scored with Obulus, I rarely dodged him back, opting instead to keep pressure on the goal.  I think that is the right mindset, but the dodge back to the middle of the field keeps him pressuring, but still relevant.  

* My line-up felt a little light on point generation, sort of like my pre-errata hunters, but not as bad.  Getting to 8 points was very doable, but seemed to take a lot of clock, and then finding the last four points felt a bit hard.  I played to clock a lot.  On one hand, I was pretty inexperienced and that slows you down.  On the other, I also felt my decision making was fairly quick since I was expecting to not do super well, and thus not overanalyzing and anguishing on each decision.  

So, that's it.  Had a TON of fun with my morts.  Really liked them.  Excited to play them more, and certainly to refine my thoughts from above.  will keep painting, and was able to pick up Silence and vHemlock this weekend.  Also plan to add the rats soon.  



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On 5/24/2018 at 4:23 AM, Nitz said:

Another time I used it for the first activation goal when Obi was all by himself. 

I've always been so focused on using the legendary to steal MOM to go first next turn, that THIS never once occurred to me. Brilliant. 

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