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Steamcon "Rookie" Speculation

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So, after the huge success of the rookie league, it was hinted at during the V3 Keynotes Q&A that this years event was going to be based around a "Rookie Academy.. With this in mind I have a few speculations regarding how this could work..

Scenario 1 : Similar to last years event, Guilds are pitted head to head sharing a rookie player with the "winning" guild receiving a full "squaddie" version of the player later in the year. While I am not directly opposed to this there are some guilds that are more "fan favourites" (Butchers, Brewers, Union, etc) and as such these teams will probably need to be placed against each other or just win.. Also, based on the outcry from the "losing" guilds after the previous years event, I can't see the guys at SFG wanting to upset a portion of their player base again..

Scenario 2 : Every guild has access to a selection of "neutral" rookies which are also available to other guilds.. Points are earned by playing Rookie League games during this period and once the event ends the community gets to vote on which rookie player ends up going to which guild kinda like an NFL draft.. While I think this would be fun, the logistics would be a bit of a pain and could result in some guilds ending up with "leftovers" as all their available rookies get drafted before their turn to choose..

Scenario 3 : Every guild gets their own rookie to use in Rookie League games for this period and players report how they have chosen to progress their respective rookie. Once the event is over all these results are compiled and the most regularly selected upgrades become the stats, plays and traits which end up on their "squaddie" card when they get promoted in the following s4/s5 seasons.. This is probably my favourite scenario out of the three and would ensure every guild gets a thing.. It would also be far easier for SFG to control and balance mechanics to fit within each guilds theme..

Either way, I'm sure the event will be fun and I can't wait to see what new shinies we get to play with..

Does anyone have any other thoughts or potential scenarios which they could base this event around.?


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