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Roster for each pairing

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Hi brothers alchemists :) 

I have created a table in which from the best roster we can have right now. (Smoke, Midas, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Compaund, Okat, Vetkat, Vitriol, Decimate.)

Many people ask what players to use against which guild with this table it becomes a little easier.

It's a table that I use and it's worth to me, If some other alchemist player sees other players better to face that guild, it would be good to comment on it among all.

FLEXPick vs Captain


Midas Compaund                                                                  

Smoke Decimate                                                    


Receiving Decimate 

Kicking Compaund


Shark Compaund

Corsair Decimate


Rage Decimate

Brisket Compaund

Blackheart Compaund



Greetings to all :) 

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I'd always play compound in the mirror. Against smoke 4 stack him on turn 1 for all the chemical resist in the world. Against midas he denies the turn 1 vitriol goal. 

Also, don't think I'd drop midas into ballista. Deadbolt just wrecks his game plan. 

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