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Fish noob into gb noob - basic tips please

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I'm an average union player, just confirmed H I Fish positive ;) Playing my first fish game tomorrow  (my proving grounds guild ball intro not withstanding). Playing against masons player who's only a few games into his guild ball career.

Just after tips on a typical shark lineup into the kick off six masons, and some standard tactics. Mainly to give him an idea about what to expect from shark, as well as give me a feel for what I'd be doing with shark into them.

Not looking to kerb-stomp him or anything, just try and have a fun learning game, cheers! :)

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On 22/05/2018 at 12:08 PM, ForestRambo said:

Kick off with shark, watch as your opponent squirms under the pressure of hiding the ball whcih ultimately fails and shark gets a goal anyway.

Well I think I did it wrong, as I didn't score with Shark - Scored with Sakana and Siren though! My opponent actually played really well. Was good to see someone you intro'd to game turning off the turn one goal and making good use of superior strategy to get the ball off shark!

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