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Farmers @ Vengeance 2018

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So the biggest GB tournament has just been and I was looking at longshanks to see how farmers had gone on. There were only 8 farmer players & the highest farmer player ended up at 34th. The reason I put this is because we were the lowest ranked team, I put the rest of the teams below for comparison:

Alchs - 21st

Smiths - 12th

Brewers - 3rd

Butchers - 25th

Engineers - 26th

Fish - 8th

Hunters - 6th

Masons - 2nd

Morts - 16th

Rats - 4th

Union - 1st

Looking at the captains that was played out 8 players playing 7 games each, Thresher was picked 44 times (79%) & Grange was picked 12 times (21%). 

Does this mean that we're the worst team? Does this mean that the nerf that they gave thresher was too much?  Or do you think that players have got used to playing against Thresher & have "sussed" him out? 

I love getting under the data especially after big tournaments to find out what the meta is like. 

Some people say to me that they think Grange is now better than Thresher but i'm still yet to be convinced but looking at these stats they might right? 

What are your thoughts on these stats? Is there any other stats you would like me to get? 




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I think this is confirmation bias. I think we aren't as good but I still think we can win against brewers, morts, and a few others (with difficulty). The internet made everyone scared to play them. But they did go overboard with tater and honour was a little underwhelming.

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Highest ranked player is a meaningless metric. Longshanks still thinks Farmers are doing very well and Blacksmiths terribly. I suspect a lot of players have jumped over to Brewers as the new OP. Farmers still have plenty of tech and Grange & Fallow weren’t touched by the errata. Farmers pre-errata were stupid. Now you have to work for wins - like all Guilds. 

I think the reality is that before, Farmers players didn’t have to learn their guild as it was so OP you could steamroller wins with bad play. Now they are balanced, we’re seeing the same natural learning curve we should have seen at the start (one that Blackdmiths are following). Farmers will be back when people have put the time in to learn matchups and not rely on crutches. 

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Don't think that Farmers were weak necessarily - my only 12-0 humping of V3 was at the hands of Thresher (combination of poor play by me, and a very good opponent). The Thresher-Tater-Millstone-Peck unit is still very difficult for some teams to unlock without range or control options, and Jack is still a fine place to hide the ball til you want to score

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