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From the Collected Clarifications Thread:

Ball behind the line:- If a model is knocked-down while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player.

What if the model inflicting the knock down condition is on the same team as the model suffering that condition?

Suppose Stave collects the ball and walks behind the Brewers' goal and centers the Lob Barrel character play at his own feet to knock himself down.  If the ball lands behind the Brewers' goal line, can the Brewers continue to generate momentum?

If Tater knocks down another Farmer with Mow Down and the ball scatters behind the Farmers' goal line, can the Farmers continue to generate momentum?

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