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Hello union team

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So that crept up quickly.

Originally I just owned Fangtooth(cause Easter Fangtooth was too cool to pass up) however since then I have somehow gotten more and more added in.

I now own 



Gutter & Coin(fractured loyalties) 



So my question to everyone is if I picked up vet rage is there anything you'd suggest adding or removing from this .

Anny advice to a new union player 

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Veteran Rage and Decimate are must-haves.

Blackheart and Mist if you ever want to go play the scoring game.

Maybe Strongbox?

Gutter and Benediction are staples for Rage.

So vRage, Blackheart, Coin, Strongbox, Benediction, Decimate, Gutter, Mist and then there's some flex spots.

I'd suggest Minx and Grace for those last two slots, but some won't leave the home without Hemlocke.

Fangtooth isn't all that great and Harry has his uses in a Blackheart team.

Edit: DISCLAIMER - This is my take on the team, but you should decide for yourself! ;)

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Some more information, which is provided by @Gauntlet. This thread gives massive amounts of information, which can be very useful for a new-ish player such as yourself. :)


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