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How to deal with brewers

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Hello! I haven't found any post errata topics about dealing with brewers. In my 2+ years of Guild Ball somehow I never played against brewers, but now that vet. Decimate is coming, they got more popular amongst our players (ok, my new brewer team is on it's way aswell, they seem like a fun bunch:) ). My question would be, what lineup can we bring against brewers that can do anything decent on the pitch.

When I played against Esters, she and Stoker were really useful against the usual condition game (and they have Lucky, but that might be an overkill against conditions). Mash can keep the ball really well with 3/2 and unopredictable against Smoke and Mist. oKat kets shut down hard with 2"melee and KDs, since you have to remove conditions and move into melee, vKat hates tough hide. Tapper and the 2" beaters can beat up Midas real bad. It seems like Brewers have the perfect counter for everything. As I see, Smoke could be good against Tapper and Midas maybe against Esters, but it's kind of a coin toss which matchup will happen.

So it would be great to hear about viable tactics against Brewers, since it actually looks like one of the harder matchups at the moment.

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As a brewers (main) player, the fish and alchemists are my worst match ups. The best option is to use smoke and the others, to play the condition game. If you can make them eat damage from afar for the first two turns (and with the smoke aura you should be able to win the momentum race), you are set to use a big vet Kat takeout. You also should have no problem taking the ball off them with their low 3-1 defence. Just make sure that you have the influence to send it back to/towards your players.

don't worry to much about vet decimate. Although really good, She is unlikely to be run out to far ahead of the brewers main line.

either captain is viable, but smoke's speed and abilities are gold against the slower, easy to hit brewers.

best advice, try not to get more than one or two models in range for the big crowd out hits that will come, and off possible have that somewhere where vkat can come back on for a witness me kill.

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