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Gencon - Welcome to the Pitch

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Hey all - two quick questions about Guild Ball at Gencon. I've had the game on my wishlist the past several years but it seems to always get bumped to the back burner. This year I managed to drum up enough interest from my group based on the fact that the Welcome to the Pitch event includes "a metal Guild Ball starter team". My questions are:

1) Any idea how many teams will be available to choose from?

2) Is there anything I need to buy in addition to those teams to play? (ie. do I also need to buy a starter set?)

As background, I currently have four tickets for the event - if we walk away with four different teams and that'e enough to get a solid league up and running when we head home, that's fantastic. If instead we walk away with two duplicates of two teams and still need to buy a starter set in addition, well, that's clearly less appealing...

Just curious what the options will be and didn't see any GM contact info on the Gencon site so I thought I'd try here. Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask, and thanks in advance if anybody has any info on the event!!

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I'm not running the event, but based on the cost to the company being the same regardless of team chosen I imagine it is any team they have in metal. 

You'll have everything that's needed with a single metal team if you're crafty and familiar with miniatures.

A pitch not included means you'll either make your own, measure out the table for each game set up, or buy one (on or off brand). Also not included would be dice, measuring tools, tokens, glue, or paints. 

Maybe I can use my pundit privilege and tag @Zach Stein who may be able to give an official answer ;)

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Getting a pitch is probably the most important accessory you will want to make set up of game easier.

Hopefully it will be a full 6 man team from the guild of your fancy. 

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