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First Tournament Report!

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Played in my first tournament a couple weeks ago, decided to write up about my experience. Took my Union-vRage, Strongbox, Gutter, Benediction, Mist, Decimate, Harry, Avarisse and Greede, Hemlocke, and Minx. Harry and Avarisse may not make my next 10 in a tournament, but I only wanted to take painted models. Usually don’t run any other captains, sometimes will run Brisket, but haven’t been since I know I’ll be losing her as an option once the church guild drops. Anyway, on to the games-

First Match:

Rage, Stongbox, Gutter, Benediction, Minx, Mist,


Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Hooper, Pintpot

I remember kicking off with Mist, and he had to retrieve the ball with Spigot, so he couldn’t use Time’s Called to speed up his team. He ended up putting Tapper into Mist and taking a goal with Friday, but Rage got into Tapper, and killed him top of turn 2. Hooper and Spigot killed Rage, but Pinpot and the cat both went down to Gutter.

Rage came back on, and was able to Red Fury Gutter through Benny, so I managed to kill Spigot and get some work on Hooper. I know I took a goal with Mist, and he took a second Friday goal. It ended 12-10 to Union. Memories are a little fuzzy, meant to type this up earlier.

Second Match:

Rage, Strongbox, Gutter, Benediction, Mist, Decimate


Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Egret, Ulfr, Zarola

Skatha kicked off, and ended up charging across the field early first turn to strip the ball and take a first turn goal, then dodged back behind my line. I kicked back out to Mist, then brought Rage back to deal with Skatha. He pushes her into engagement with Decimate to set her up for a take out next turn. Mist was set up to with confidence and a full stack to take a first turn goal, but ended up retreating behind a barrier with the ball to make the hunters come to me.

Skatha went down top of turn 2, and Gutter ended up having to retreat to the right wing since Zarola and the cat were threatening her, but it ended up working out for me; the Hunter player had to enagage Mist to try to strip the ball, so Gutter would use the crowd out to kill off anyone who came in. Killed Jaecar on the wing, Skatha ended up taking the ball, but couldn’t get in range to score, so Skatha kicked the ball toward my goal post, but ended up dying again.

Ended up killing Skatha twice, Jaecar, Fahad, and took the rest of the points from clock I believe. Ended the game 12-4 to Union.

Last Match:

Rage, Strongbox, Gutter, Benediction, Mist, Minx


Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Mallet, Brick, Decimate

This match is the last of the day, against one of my roomates; we’ve played this match tons, and I was dreading it, it usually ends up a super close and intense match. He kicked off with Hammer, and I started to set up a goal with Mist. He ended up sending in Hammer early with Second Wind, knocked down Mist, pushed dodged into Benny, did a tackle-knock down to strip the ball off Benny, and took a goal. Caught me off guard since he usually saves Hammer to go late in the turn. I felt pretty behind, ended up with bad positioning and was not feeling good at this point. Ended up parking the ball on Minx in cover on the left side of the field. 

Next turn he killed Mist, then started buying attacks into Benny, and push dodged Benny back into his lines. I activated Benny, put up Braced and Stand Firm, and healed. He had a hard time trying to finish off Benny, and Benny was able to provide engagements for Bloody Coin. I ended up playing the clock real hard this game, trying to do quick activations and making my opponent make tough choices. Benny did a lot to help this.

I don’t remember most of the game since we went so fast, but I ended up killing Marbles, then using him when he returned to charge Minx up the field, killing him again, and using back to the shadows to park her in cover on his side with the ball. Hammer also ended up going down to Rage. Decimate ended up in range to charge Minx and take the ball, then ran down to pass to Flint, who took a snap shot for his second goal. He clocked much earlier than me, so I ended up scoring a lot of my points off clock. I think I still had 10 minutes on my clock at the end of the game!

Last turn I had Gutter engaging Flint from the previous turn, and she ended up killing him to bring me up to 11 points. He was on 10 points, so he had to kill someone to take the game. Minx was on 8 boxes in cover, but he managed to knock her down and kill her to finish off the game. Game ended 12-11 to Masons.

The match reports are kind of all over the place, but I waited awhile before typing this up. I have another tournament in about 2 weeks, will try to write that one up quicker. Was a really fun tournament, ended up taking 3rd overall (there was supposed to be one more round, but we didn’t have time for it), and got a bronze Guild Ball die! Told myself I really wanted to take a die home, so I was super pumped about that. Roomate took home the gold die and the second Blacksmiths box, which was what had his eye on. 

Rage, Gutter, and Benediction have been the core of my team for a long time, and it was nice to have them do well in a tournament setting. My roomate goes up against my Union a lot, so we watches engagements and tries to deny Bloody Coin and Gutter’s scything blows a lot, so he’s forced me to really work for those set ups, which paid off big for me in the tournament. Gutter had a field day among the Brewers, and Benediction’s Impart Wisdom made sure Rage was able to come back on and put in work. Next I need to paint up Coin and Grace to put into my 10, definitely going to drop Harry since he’s only in my list right now because he’s painted. Thinking I’m going to drop Avarisse for Grace, since I don’t see myself dropping him into many match ups. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading, feel free to give any advice/feedback! I plan to write up another one after my next tournament, hopefully quicker, while it’s still fresh in my mind.

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