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Possibly tweeks in S4

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After listening to another quality podcast from my boys from Dodge dodge here in Australia, In a interview with Bryce about the falconers there was mentions on Egret , vHearne and Ulfr and possible tweeks in S4 due to the release of Mataagi and Minerva possibly filling there roles. If you have not listened to them check them out and let me know your thoughts. 

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1 hour ago, ForestRambo said:

I’d like vHearne, Ulfr & Skatha to get some love.

WHHHAAAATATTTTATATATT?!??! *mind blown* :)

I totally 100% agree. And fix Snow so bloody 'Oooh Ball' actually FRICKIN WORKS (hint: lose DIRECTLY, make it work at kick off).

Yes the Winter people need buffs. Skatha just needs her blessing to self-target I think and 6" range. Hearne2 needs a re-work - he looks like the intern copy pasted Hearne1 and changed a few bits - job done. Re-work his playbook, move him to TAC 6, Give him 2/4 INF. Lose stupid Lunar Eclipse (OMG what was the design team smoking that day) and replace with some actually WORKABLE teleport tech (easy fix - make the teleport work on any successful attack).

Egret - GIVE. HER. LIGHT. FOOTED. She is the only human that doesn't have it in the team and is irritates me sooooo much.

Seenah - Harrier helps her a lot but still I would like her to gain KNOCKBACK. I mean she's a goddamn bear - you get hit by a 500 kg bear, you're going to move.

Zarola - I don't want to hear it people - she has the worst playbook in the game. I could't care less that Midnight Offering is amazing - Hemlock2 has shown that you can have that AND 2" AND a great playbook. She needs a re-work.


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With the kill pressure the Falconers offer, I'm down to wanting mostly qol buffs which I think are on par with what every other guild also deserves to their underperforming models.

Skatha - Now when I say qol I'm mostly meaning Skatha because she is absolutely miserable to play. 4" Range on her blessing, 6" Range on her Kick. Does she really need to be a 5/7 mov?! 1" Melee w/ Tac 5, 5-0 Def, 14hp, Tackle on 2 Hits. Influence HUNGRY. Opponents can use your fast-ground against you and because her kit is pre-emptively nerfed around it, she doesn't gain a real benefit from native fast-ground unlike Fillet, Shark, Pin Vice or other speedy mcspeedster captains. Skatha feels like she pays a heavy price just to exist, and I've never found her rewards to really be worth it.

vHearne - I don't know what he needs, but he needs something. oHearne dies to a stiff breeze because of his lack of defensive abilities. No Sturdy, Poised, Stoic, Tough Hide, anything. So perhaps vHearne could contrast oHearne and be pushed to a tarpit type model?

Egret - In addition to the aforementioned Light Footed, I still think she could do with a momentous 1 on 1 damage, or a momentous playbook trigger for her snap-fire ability. (which would require changing it to another ability but that's more than doable) Linear goal threats and difficult tackle are the price Egret should pay for being able to meaningfully contribute to the damage game, after getting the Falconers, I'd be sad if they decided to push her to be a better striker, as her defining play - Flurry, is one that only contributes to the takeout game. I also think there's room for experimentation with another Character or Heroic Play on Egret that could help her contribute to the control or damage game.

Seenah - The Falconers help, but I still feel like the Bear struggles to make herself worth taking. Assuming that you're gonna be playing Harrier to set her up, you're looking at a functional -6 Influence/Turn. Her threat range is still low and her base size leads her to getting nonbo'd with Theron's forest too often for my liking. I'm not sure if the solution is to make her higher payoff with a higher tac and easier to reach higher damage results, or easier to setup with a more consistent threat range. Seenah right now just fails to fulfill the fantasy of a BEAR. Whatever happens to her, I want the point of comparison to be to vKatalyst who is everything Seenah should be and more, all while bringing 2 influence for his team.

Ulfr - The less said about this dumpster fire the better.
Zarola - If she's not going to have a playbook then can she at least have a 4/6 kick or a 6/8 mov? Both? 2/4 Inf? A playbook?
Snow - Snow just feels weird, compared to the things other mascots can do for free, Anatomical for 1 Inf and Pack Mentality just feel ehhhh.
Theron - I will never enjoy paying 1 for Sun Strike, and the placing restrictions on the forest is still too restrictive. (Same w/ Skatha's fast ground.) I will die on this hill.

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Hey All, Still kinda new to the game but I will take a crack at this.

Egret: Light Footed for sure. If not that, something that lets her do something like if she starts her turn 8" the board edge she can use gliding without spending MP.  Even with that tweak, I think when putting her up against Mataagi I think he still outshines her, even with his weaker kick.  He is faster, and does more for the team. So I have been toying with the idea of "specialty poisons/venom", something like this:

Heroic: "The Right Tool.."

The next time this turn Egret applies the poison condition to an enemy, they also suffer the following effect: -2/-2 move, -1 tac or -1 def. This effect lasts until the end of the turn.

Seenah: I think the bear would really benefit from Sturdy, and 1/2 inf. 

VHearne: Give him Tac 6 and replace Lunar Eclipse with something that actually matters..  maybe like a shitty Lend a hand, Like he gives an extra crowding out penalty. Like a cold aura or pack tactics.. 

Snow: Change OOH Ball! to whenever a ball is passed, kicked or a free ball is placed within 6". He can make a Jog.. or something. But once per turn of course.  I think of it more of like moving with the pack to help protect the ball.

Ulfr:  Give him Tac 5. Give him MOM 1 dmg on 1, make his 2nd column a 1dmg GB,  make his MOM Tackle a GB instead of a dodge and Change "Where did they go" to "Quick Time". Change Lone Hunter to "Prey Drive: When Charging an enemy model that is not within 4" of another enemy model Ulfr gains +0/+2 move and +1 Tac.". 


I dunno.. Just my musings..

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I was excited to hear that they were looking at some of the lesser played Hunter models.  Skatha, vHearne & Ulfr need some love.  I would be happy if they just added light footed to Egret.  It would be fantastic if Egret had a way to snare to make up for the loss Minx.


...I am going to miss Minx...

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41 minutes ago, mr baron said:

It would be fantastic if Egret had a way to snare to make up for the loss Minx.

Can you imagine Egret with Hunter's Prey

I think Zarola's Chain Bolas should get a playbook trigger and then you could experiment with giving Egret an 8" target enemy model suffers 2DMG + Snared? There's a lot you can do with Egret and I really hope she gets something to make her a stronger force on the team.

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I have idle thumbs and opinions I am not entitled to:

needs work


my ice queen. The reason I play guild ball. Her strength is tricky goal scoring, threat range manipulation, and Jack of all trades master of none flexibility. I feel she requires an unsually high level of skill and knowledge of the game to perform well. Outside of this fine skill honing, she has a high risk/average reward game.

Her personal weakneses are:

being squishy and at the same time being required to play a midfield role to be effective.

tac 5, melee 1" is not reliable when attempting to dodge through an enemy team to retrieve the ball they are hiding. Hitting her tackle on a 4/1 model is usually a 50% success deal.

Her weaknesses as a captain is:

She is a footballer in a team geared for takeouts.

This means she is likely to be out-footballed by nearly any other footbally team in the game, and if going for take outs she is an output downgrade from theron. Skathas niche is therefore into teams theron can't out-fight and, by definition, she also can't outfight. A depressing number of these still outfootball me too.

There are two key tensions here.

First, Hunters are quite squishy players. Hunters survive by spreading out, avoiding the scrum and diluting the enemy's output. Theron assists this with forests, enemy movement control and ranged (momentus) damage. skatha covers this almost purely with friendly movement support (there is conflict between cold snap and nature's chill). I submit one is trickier to achieve than the other. But really this is fine if what skatha team looses in defence they make up in pressure... I submit that they don't.

Hunters generally struggle with ball retrieval, probably because theron teams can kill the ball rather well. Skatha is probably our best retriever. This is a dangerous role for the key striker and captain whose team really want her to support them. Thus enemies holding the ball have a great deal of control over the hunters game. A big part of hunters ball control seems to me to be theron disrupting the enemy from getting to our ball holders (zarola or fahad). Skathas abilities skew toward keeping the ball in play, this is problematic in the very common circumstance where this is better for the enemy team than hunters.

In essence there is tension between her mechanics and he way most of the rest of the team opporates.

I think her personal weaknesses would be helped by being able to bless herself. I get that dodges are powerful, but it costs one of her inf or mom, and requires her not to be kd before counter. She seems to be designed with the idea she will always have her legendary active so i think this could go some way to rebalancing her survivability. In terms of reliability tac 6 or built in anatomical would be nice, but I'm content enough with invest in set up or go risky situation currently. 

Her team mechanic weaknesses I'm less sure about how to solve, but tweaking the other winters moon models would seem the place to start.


fahad is leagues better in almost every match up, and where it's not there still isn't much in it. I like anatomical and pack instincts, but they just dont happen. Oooh ball is terrible. Some kind of ranged ball retreival, pass assist/interference would be nice.


Thinks he is hearthe. Isn't. Needs actual tarpit tech, or to have his goal threat increased. Eclipse makes me laugh every time I think of it, omg that daisy chain demo...


Fix it. Fix it with fire. Id vote give him crazy and armour 1.

Fine/quality of life


perfectly happy with her. Can see why others feel light footed is missing


Well balanced. Does her job if played reasonably, has acceptable weaknesses. Doesn't FEEL like a bear.


Very strong model, garbage playbook she doesn't use/need seems wasteful.

no changes needed/eyeing the nerf bat


think he is boss, perfectly happy with him.


Carried the team for so long, everyone knows he's a star. Leave him alone sfg pleeease


Top teir mascot


Makes me tempted to paint theron so I can use him, seems a lot of fun.


Really good captain now by all accounts




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