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Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

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12 minutes ago, Frankanelli said:

Kraken and some reworked damage on sakana1 are the highlights I think. I think Kraken is going to be a real staple.  Even if we werent prepping for 12 man rosters, he makes every 10. Corsair seems exciting but I'll want to play around with him a bit more. 

Angel is definitely better. And I see her having alot more relevance then before. But with sakana1 picking up better damage, I don't see her making many fish lineups. 

Initial reaction to Jac is...huh? He seems worse. Actively worse. And he was already not seeing play.  Maybe the speed boost is relevant? Or without close control on Corsair his counter attack makes him the place to put the ball? Hes a big disappointment for me. Hopefully I just need to play a bit and see what he does. 

Also, now that Skatha is changed, Shark has the worst play on a captains card. He's still good. And he'll win plenty. I'll keep playing him like 70% of the time. But why God why does he have stagger on 3? When is it ever the result you're trying for? Its not a rhetorical question I honestly need someone to tell me what it's for. 

So putting jokes and sarcasm aside for a while.

Kraken is now a solid player for both captains, he can now be part of the ball moving and provide a nice big area of area control/denial.

I need some time to figure Corsair. I really think 2-2 is dead 99% of the time which is a shame because it pegs the fish into a very predictble game once you know the Captains. That said I want to try Corsair out because his ability to fuck up opponents field position is glorious.

Angel is definitely improved because a T< on one is far better than a T. That said, I just dont think that and being able to summon Salt is any improvement/change up on her role. Sadly A team where every non-mascot naturally scores 87.5% of the time (What a buff on Kraken) or better when shooting is never really going to care about a models who's only speciality is scoring 93.75% of the time

Jac is weird. I think his >>T on three has some real value combined with his 2" melee and being able to reposition everyone, his own team included, has a lot going for it as well. I think with his movement buff much like Kraken he is now an attacking piece rather than a defensive one.

As to your Shark question. You are not, there is no reason that between 1 and 3 successes you are not going to be taking the momentous dodge, the double dodge or the tackle. I would really like to here someone from the design team explain Stagger and its position on Shark's playbook.

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This is a very big nerf of Salt. :(

I loved Jac because  Goad + come over here was often game breaking, and he was opening the 2-2 game plan for Shark without droping the 3-0 at all (and helping the  0-6 for Corsair. I guess He will still do that). I was expecting that nerf on him, but ... well, hoping for the best. The heroic feel like a nerf too, but less sure. He just have anothere role, I guess. The "directly away" seems quite hard to use on friends, most of the time. But a good way to set up the first turn, with battering ram in addition.

Angel Have about no synergy with salt, making her a quite bad choice for come over here. Well, it still give the otter a speed boost ... But, I'm still not sure about when I want to play Angel over any other player. At least no with that dodge and come over here, She will owe her place at least for the tests...


Greyscale received a up too, I guess, with that ball's gone finally usable.


I Always found that Shark had use of that stagger when he is already in position to shoot and just farming momentum there. So that stagger help not missing any attack, or having one more dice on very low def (and so, potentially a wrap and one more momentum). Also, staggering something means counterattack will be easier to make, especilly against those distastefull def 5 (or 6). It is not an awesome play. But for me which never knew gut&string, it is still a play I like to use from time to time. Even sacrifying 1" of dodge, sometime even the push/dodge.

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