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H: WM cryx, PoM, infinity, Runewars W: $$, Guild ball [US only]

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Hi all I'm looking to get rid of some stuff anything that I sell is done through PayPal only. Buyers pay for shipping unless they buy an entire lot or their purchases exceeds $50.

Kraken new in box $85 (68)
kraken assembled no base $65 (52)
aikos jr warcaster unassembled kickstarter model $15 (12)
Skarlock thrall nib $5 (4)
Satyx Raider captain painted $5 (4)
Soul trapper $10 (8)
cephalyx mind slaver and drudges box NIB $30 (24)
Satyx raiders with command painted (old metal painted ) $25 (20)
satyx raiders nib metal $35 (28)
withershadow combine painted $15 (12)
death jack metal painted $40 (32)
inflector/seather jack box NIB $25 (3 boxes each 25) (20 each)
satyx gunslingers nib $18 (14.40)
sayx gunslingers nib $18  (14.40)
skarre epic nib $10 (8)
denny 1 nib $9 (7.20)
Total: $368, if you buy the whole lot $300 and free shipping.

Feora 3 nib $20 (16)
Eye of truth jack NIb $45 (36)

Tohaa starter set nib $30
red veil
Haqqi unassembled $30
yu jin unassembled (missing ninja) $25

Starter set Humans unassembled $30
Starter set undead assembled and primed black $20
Death Knights NIB $15
Undead command unassembled $10
Undead 2nd hero NIB (box dented) $15
undead archer box nib $15


Mainly looking to sell but I am up for trading for some Guild ball stuff

Masons Box 2 prefer them to be unpainted and unassembled
Brewers box 2 same as above
Kickstarter Ox model
Kickstarter Honour model

Thanks for reading!

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