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Season 4 at GenCon 2018?

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So I found something on Facebook today. Someone checked the GenCon page for Guild Ball content, and look what was found...


foto van Aaron Wilson.

As you can all read from the above post, it seems that Season 4 will be in effect at GenCon 2018, which starts at August 2nd. Isn't this a tad early on the SFG timeline? :o

I for one am quite distraught. If this is true, then this also means that the upcoming WTC in September might also be with the S4 rules. That means six weeks to completely re-evaluate the meta. Fun fact: the deadline for sending in team lists is August 20th, which is only three (!) weeks after GenCon. THREE WEEKS! :blink:

I think the WTC's going to be quite interesting... :huh:

Also, this means that the World Championship qualifying tournaments (starting from the Swedish and West Canadian Nationals at August 18th) are suddenly following S4 rules, while all previous Nationals were S3. Isn't it better to just let S4 start after the Finals of the World Championship at SteamCon UK in November?

On the flipside, this might just be a typo and we're all speculating over nothing at all. Who knows?! :P

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