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mr baron

Spring Fling with Rats

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I was at Spring Fling this past weekend and was able to get 7 games in along which included a practice game on Friday.  For all my games I played Piper, Squeak, VGraves, Skulk, Miasma, and Scourge.  I did not play Pelage, and I probably should have tried to get her into one of the games. 

Brief summary of my thoughts about the weekend:

- Spring Fling is great, highly recommend it.  Went 3-4 over the 7 games that I played. 

- Piper is fantastic, and I normally gave him 5-6INF each turn.  For turn 1, I probably only needed to give him 5 INF:  Run, Kick, Reverie.  His ability to re-arrange the pitch is what really makes him amazing and fun to play. 

-  I was able to get a turn 1 goal every game.  I won initiative in all my games and I opted to receive.  My general turn 1 strategy was to push Miasma and VGraves up the wings and then go with whoever was open.  Getting the ball back was an issue for me, and something I need to work on. 

-  I over committed Scourge on my second game against Alex Botts (Butchers), and he just crushed me after that.  Scourge can be killed or be used as a MOM farm fairly easily with a 3-0 defense.  I think holding him back and using him to attack models that over commit is the way to go.  If you leave the ball on him, the other team's strikers can easily pull the ball off of him and then move him around the pitch with pushes and dodges. 

-  I was able to use Gravedigger in one of my games and that did prove to be the difference.  I did not get any Snack Breaks with Scourge, as I used him to maximize damage.

-  Miasma is very solid, and I probably need to figure out how to get more value out of her.  For turn 1, I normally gave her 3 - Run + Rataclysm.  One game in particular, I should have held her back and rained Rataclysm down on my opponent.  I did forget about the -1 TAC for anyone in her 6" aura that is suffering from disease.

-  Surprisingly, I made all my goal shots which were 3D6 shots.  I only missed 1 pass which was from Piper to Miasma that would have led to a Reverie goal.  That one hurt.

-  For most of my games, Squeak did not do much.  Against one of my opponents, he tried to load up Squeak with INF, but I don't think it was worth the investment of INF. 

-  Skulk has a lot of utility.  Against Masons, I used Skulk to shutdown counter charge.  That worked amazingly well.

As I think of more insights, I will add them to this thread.


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Some follow on stats for Spring Fling:

62 total participants

6 Ratcatcher players

Top Rat - Chris Schlegel @ 5-1

Combined Win-Loss record:  16-20

Overall winner:  Michael Klein (Union)....interesting side note, there were 3 Union players in the top 10.

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