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Spooks in Budapest

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Hi there, last weekend I took part in Hungarian Nationals. It was a 32 players event and I guess I'm getting too old for playing 10 hours straight. Even though I had lots of fun as my opponents were relaxed and funny guys.


Event included Ratcatchers (plenty of theam actually) but Exiles were not in. I decided to go single captain and don't regret it. My 10 was:

Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan, Cosset, Ghast, Bonesaw, Silence, Pelage, Skulk

Obs, Dirge, Graves and Brain were played every single game, Cosset, Ghast, Pelage and Skulk were flex slots and BSaw and Silence never left the bench. I don't trust Bonesaw (and in 5 games rolled "1" 3 times on kicking/receiving roll) and Silence was a counter-pick in some specific matchups that I didn't encounter.

I went 3-2 on that event, ended up on 10th place, not a spectacular result for sure but it was fun.

Game 1 vs VRage 

I decided to take Skulk and Pelage in flex section and met standard vRage crew but with Coin. I knew that I can't outfight Union so I have to spread my players and outscore them. Round 1 my opponent misscalculated his influence and Skulks Horrific Odour ruined Mists goal run. I stole the ball and scored top of turn 2 with Memory. He managed to deliver it back to Mist and shot, making it 4-4. And then Scoreticians surprised him - I scored with Obulus after PM pass from one of his players (Benedcition?) and, after he kicked it off on the other side Brainpan reached it, passed to Memory and ended the game. In the meantime Graves and Skulk were torturing Mist for some MP and he died in the process. Game was fast, it ended in 3 rounds if I remeber correctly, vRages Gang didn't have enough time to punish my players in combat. 12:4 for Spooks


Game 2 vs Piper (my first geme vs Rats)

I chose clean Mortician line up with Ghast and Cosset. Even though I was receving I knew it's a trap - Pipers kick-off pressure would surely ruin BSaws goal run so I left him on the bench. My plan was to kill the ball on Memory, fight for 4 kills  and score to seal the deal but that didn't quite work out. I realised that I can't stop Scourge from killing player after player, Piper gives him so much mobility and even with his low def I can't really kill him in one activation. And his killing is monstrous. I scored once, managed to take 2 players out and it was 8-9 (Rats gained 9 vp via 3 take-ots, Gravedigger and Snacking did it's job), I managed to win the initiative and had +2/+2 move for returning players active. Cosset covered crazy 9" form the edge of the pitch, grabbed the ball, went Crazy and charged Squeak for another 11" (thats just insane threat to be honest). Unluckily, I was 1" short for the shot. Squeak used def stance and my dice betrayed me, I didn't hit that sweet :momPD: result. I could either take :momP:, leave melee and go for 1-die shot due to Miasma blocking the ball-path or attack again for more MP for Bonus Time and risk being unable to shot at all if I don't reach the dodge. The first sounded like less of a gamble and I took the dodge and the shot. 4+ would win the game for me but Cosset is no striker.  After rethinking the story I should've attacked once more, 2 net hits with TAC6 (crazy+cover) vs 3+/1 def is almost granted and that would increase chances for the goal greatly. Ended up 8:12


Game 3 vs Fillet

My flexes were Pelage and Skulk. Enemy team was: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Shank, vOx and Meathook. Shank was kicking I guess. I juggled the ball for a while and then set Pelage for a goal run on the wing as my last activation. She has plenty of range with PM jog and teamwork dodge and doesnt let farm momentum. She scored and dodged out of Fillets range, catching both Boiler and Princess in her dilemma range. Fillet recovered the ball, passed it to Shank and dodged forward trying to kill Graves. Even thugh she over extended it was a tough nut to crack. Finally i managed to slay here and Shank, not before these duo scored a goal and killed 2 of my players though. It was 6:8 and then Graves became my MVP. There was a clash ont my right wing, inlcuding both captains, Skulk, Shank, Graves and the ball, everyone on low health. I won the initiative, killed Fillet with Obulus, Butchers retaliated with another kill and then Graves went for 6 point activation, finishing Shank off and scoring. 14:10 for Spooks


Game 4 vs Piper again

I picked Cosset and Ghast, encountered Ratcatchers box with vGraves instead of Skulk. Obulus kicked off, making Miasma the only model able to recover the ball and putting her in a terrbile spot after that. I killed Miasma, Rats scored, I passed the ball to Memory and then scrum created. Once more I was unable to kill Scourge but managed to achieve 3 more kills before they did. Cosset scored for 12:8.


Game 5 vs Theron

I was 3-1 after 4 games but all I wanted at this point was a dinner and cold beer. Yet I had one more game to play. Picked Pelage and Skulk in a hope to outscrum Hunters and score a sneaky goal (Theron, Fahad, vHerne, Chaska, Jaecar, Minx). Obulus kicked off and Hunters killed the ball deep within their teritory. Not what I expected but it all looked fine at the beginning. Jaecar activated early and came a bit too close. I dragged him even closer, triggering his own trap and then gangbanged mercilessly. My opponent even missed most of his CP turn one. And after that it all went south. Every plan I came up with failed beacuse of terrible rolls and Hunters dice just exploded with fives and sixes. Nothing to write home about, I was burning thorugh influence achieving nothing and hunters just wrecked my team. 4-12, if Graves didn't fail to push vHerne out of melee (2 succes on 6 dice, def 3+/1, c'mon!) I would at least score on more goal and stay in game. He did fail and I need new set of dice.


3-2 after 5 games, I feel like 4-1 was within my reach but sometimes there is nothing You can do. Event was great but 5 games in a row is way to many for mu taste. I'd like to do it again next year ;)


As soon as vHemlocke is released (1 more week!) BSaw is out of 10. I'm thinking about swapping Silence for Scalpel but I need more games with her.







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