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Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years.



Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally):
















On I went to do some Fishermen!















Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain:



Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!


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@Malritch: well, these aren't my own; i just paint'em for people so far. :o One of the reasons I don't have time to paint any of my own (thus far).

@ADG: Thanks very much; hope they are.


Now for some Brewers!









(see, bit of OSL playing there on the helmet and a little glass bottle fanciness going on there as well)




Later on I did goals for some of the teams as well. Butchers were the first ones to get one...



Yeah, a bit yucky. Some people commented that it's a little bit 'out there' and it probably is. The research for this one wasn't too much fun either. There are some things which leave you a bit queasy after the google image search to get something to look 'right'. (My top5 in this regard: "rotting flesh maggots", "horse skin sores/diseases", "gutted pig", "burnt skin", "octopus" because these things freak me out!)




For additional effect I added a little bucket which I think I made of some pencil cap or a Vallejo dropper bottle cap or somehting like that filled with blood and with a little piece of entrails hanging over it for over-the-top effect. Because some blood is unsettling, over the top blood and guts is less unsettling and more gimmicky. Like a realistic explosion on a film has impact while Micheal Bay explosions with helicopters flying through and sparks flying around just is a spectacle. So I went with quite a lot of icky stuff to start getting diminishing returns (the game is pretty cartoonish after all), but not go all-out gory. Because that works very, very, very, very rarely I think.

...and then the Brewers:

I also added a cloth wipe in the tartan colours of the Brewers to tie the thing together with the team and to leave no doubt as to whose goal that is. :)






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Next on the list were the Alchemist's Guild team. First, as always, the test mini:







..and then the rest:














I really dig the colour scheme. If you'd ask me which was my favourite GB team I painted so far I really couldn't tell.


They also got a goal afterwards:



That one was rather straightforward. I got the flame/smoke bit resin cast from the customer, along with the request to do "something" with it. Maybe I could find a big test tube/petri dish thing, but I couldn't and it would have looked just way too huge, so I went with a simple crater (base, milliput, some pebbles, done). For additional detail, and to tie it together with the Alchemists team I used the pink/magenta colour I'd used for all the chemical stuff on the models on the cloud as well, and I strew some pieces of torn apart cloth in the team colours around the crater along with a single shoe (it's a bit burnt up at the top), indicating that the whole thing looks like an unlucky Alchemist.




Along with them I also did some additions for the Morticians and Butchers which had been released in the mean time (Bonesaw and Tenderiser):












Hey, here's the Union team:












Bit starker colour scheme there. The big dude with the little dude strapped to his chest is one of the most interesting mini designs I have seen so far.

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..and a few more additions to existing teams:



Fillet (weird name) might just be my favourite GB figure altogether. Great face on her.


Here's the Hunters team!











The camo pattern was requested by the customer (well, some kind of woodland-y camo pattern was, the exact look was up to me), which gave me a bit of a headache integrating it into a colour scheme, but I think it worked out in the end. :) On this team I also added some fallen leafs to the bases, in part to cover up the traps a little bit. Doesn't actually cover them up of course, because it would be daft painting them and then covering them up. It's like with painting camo. You want it to look like camo but you really don't want it to work like camo of course. ;)

Oh yes, and the bear is huge. Probably the nicest bear mini I know of too, that I have to admit. Oh, and i like the hair on the red haired lady in that team. About the crouching bald guy: completely bald guys are boring. Usually I paint some stubbly hair on them or some sort of half-bald stubbly hair (my favourite). On this one I just painted some tattoo over half of his face and scalp. Works as well for making the mini a bit more interesting. :) I've also seen the Avatar arrow been done on him, but I don't really dig that look. I also never watched the show. So yeah, swirly, tentacly tattoo it was. Hope you like them!

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@Malritch: Thanks very much!


@UciB: Cheers; it's a really nice mini.


@Furnace: Thank you, much appreciated! :)



Here are some more mascots:









Took a bit of a gamble on the colour scheme of the Turtle. It had to fit the rather gaudy Union scheme. In the end I trimmed the shell in gold, because I think this is exactly what the Union dudes would do. ;)

Here are the Engineers!












Surely among my top 3 favourite teams out there. :)


...and then I did some more mascots:





Quaff's got to be the nicest St.Bernard's figure out there.

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Its great to see these on here, and not just because I've been pinching them off google images for ages when I'm looking for colour ideas or well painted versions of models for reference :)

Lovely lovely work

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@Furnace: Thanks very much. For Tentacles I did a pretty thorough google image search to get the eyes 'right'. Not the easiest of tasks for me, because squids/octopi/anything with more arms than bones in its body creeps me WAY out. :D


@Mako: Thank you! Yeah, I thought it makes things easier to have it all in one place. ;) Oh, but if you're looking for a place to be for all these things and more - here's my webbysite: https://www.battlebrushstudios.com/ :)




Just another quick update with several additions to existing teams. Mostly veteran versions of minis I painted before. Although Brainpan and Memory really is a cool concept.



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@Kueller: Thanks very much!


@Lena: Thank you; that's very nice of you to say. The Warseer threads are still running; but I don't update them as regularly any more I have to admit. It's unfortunate how the long downtime hit Warseer (along with forums in general suffering from social media being perceived by some as a suitable substitute). But yeah; I do my best to keep them running, drop by other people's threads and keep Warseer somehow active. I always considered it my 'home' forum online simply because how long I've been on there. And of course tonight's the first Eurovision semi-final, which is always a good opportunity to drop by in the RM section for some banter. :D

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Right, here we go again!


Another batch of additions to existing teams:





I love newer GB metals. They're so bloody well made. Most of them still show some 3d printing patterns, but overall excellent figures. Good quality metal, great fit, sensibly designed.


Speaking of the amazing metals, here are the other ones. ;) One metal dude snuck in as well!

Farmers. I painted those around Halloween last year actually. Quite fitting.






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Katalyst looks suitably disgusting. :P

How did you like the quality of the plastic farmers out of curiosity?

@Battle Brush Sigur: Yeah, I'm sad the Warseer Boards suffered so hard. :c I think forums still work for these things better than social media does. (I prefer forums for most conversations.)


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@Nykolae: Thanks very much. :) Well, it happened over the course of two years or so...


@Lena: I was a bit underwhelmed with the plastic. I mean it's the bendy kind you see on many Kickstartered figures these days. I can't say it's bad, it's just very bothersome to clean. What irks me more is the models coming all pre-assembled and if possible cast in one piece. Especially on the Farmers this led to some nasty undercut-filling in places and a surprising number of static and flat poses, which I think is just unnecessary. If plastic is deemed necessary, why not at least make them multi-part? Especially on the Blacksmiths' Arsenal box one of the players comes in a leaping pose with clear plastic rods built between the model and the base. Which of course is just majorly annoying for painting purposes. Once they're painted, the models are almost as good as the newer metals, but the road to that point can be a bit rocky. As for forums: I absolutely agree; Facebook is a medium of 3 second memory threads and kneejerk reactions. With forums you know threads will be there (and possible to be found) even after three days, people usually take more time to reply,  forums are an archive as well as just a place to post chatter. Facebook just isn't a suitable replacement. It's a completely different thing, isn't it.


@Kueller: Thank you! :)


Well, speaking of the Blacksmiths, here's part 1 of the Blacksmiths:








...and some more! The Brewers&Masons terrain pack.










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