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Spring fling report

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So over the weekend I had the opportunity to play in Spring Fling 2018 at Huzzah Hobbies ( http://longshanks.org/events/?event=669 ). I decided to take my trusty blacksmiths and see if I couldn't shock the world! 

Round 1- Evan Miller- Corsair, tenticles, gutter, sakana, siren1, hag vs Ferrite, iron, hearth, alloy, Furnace, cast.

To help explain this game, I need to explain that there was very little terrain to hide behind as well as I kicked off. I tried to set up pieces around the only obstruction that I had access too and fan out after kicking off. Fishers reel and passing dodges gets corsair into position to drag furnace past the wall I tried caddie cornering. This led to him winning the momentum race and going first 2nd round. This allowed gutter to activate with a full stack and kill Furnace, however this gave me an opportunity to get the ball with Iron and score. After some more scruming and re-positioning for the ball he puts one in to go to 6-4. With an immediate snap back I get it to 8-6 with an opportunity to tie the momentum race knowing he had already played one 7 and still having grudge match for 6. Really bad dice roll on my last attack against gutter caused me to be down and out of fear of the roll off (giving corsair access to singled out with the ball) meant that I had to be conservative. He wins the initiative and activates corasir and slightly spikes to get the 6 point activation. Walked away from this one shaking my head, not sure what I could have done different but round 1 losses are tough. My opponent played very well and clean making it very hard to close out the game.


Round  2- Andy Kaiser- Hammer, armadillo, brick, mallet, flint, chisel vs Ferrite, iron, farris, bolt, hearth alloy

I received this game and made sure to stay outside of 10 of hammer and passed the ball around while quick footing bolt. Brick did a good job of causing counter charge problems for my opening turn goal but luckily when I passed to bolt he dodged, was able to take tutelage, kicked to ferrite,  walk into engagement with Brick, use "i'm open" dodge off the pass and then shoot on goal. The ball goes hammer who kicks to flint to end the 1st turn. Start of 2 he scores with flint, and I snapback with ferrite after legendary on most of the team. Score is 8-4 but the ball gets kicked off to my left where Alloy and hearth are hanging out. Hammer activates picks up the ball and kills alloy. (8-6) So now hammer has the ball and is in walking distance of 2 models and the goal. I need to end this game quickly. Farris takes a full stack and goes to work on chisel who has already gone crazy on bolt. Farris knocks down and staggers and puts some more damage on her. Bolts shoemerangers her for extra damage and walks to be in a good spot. Start of turn 3, he wins initiative and goes with mallet, singling out hearth and putting 6 damage on her. Hearth goes next with 2 influence and engages hammer at 2 inches, while staying out of mallets 2, but crowded out by the rollerball. first swing on hammer to try and KD him in one and then heal.... whiff. Attempt to also whiffs and leaves hearth on 17, and hammer still in possession of the ball. I know have to hope that I have positioned well enough to not give up the 6 point activation. Hammer goes and takes every attack to kill hearth, and then dropps the ball to the armadillo. Bolt goes and kills chisel 10-6 and gets a free shoemerang to KD mallet. The roller ball goes and places the ball next to my goal outside of alloys threat and irons but easily inside flints range. My only option is to take a fully loaded Iron and kill a 16 health knocked down, single crowd out Mallet. Walked outside of Bricks engagement took the KD and push and stood up. Bonus Time on every swing allowed for two 1's per roll and I needed every one of them. 4 damage 4 times being just enough to kill the old man. Great game and came down to the wire! 


Round 3- Joe McCormick- Ballista, mother, hoist, velocity, compound, ratchet vs Ferrite, iron, farris, bolt, hearth alloy


Same start as last game, I was able to instead of using the free "i'm open," dodge when receiving the ball with bolt and then jog just outside of counter charge range sprint to engage, shoemerang myself to KD compound, and score a goal. He made a good play by putting up horrific odor but with quickfoot, Bolt's efficiency is unreal. (I do feel bad at this point because my opponent did not know the interactions with shoemerange and targeting self which really threw him off for the rest of the game) Ball comes out on my left side (where farris and Ferrite were) He activates velocity to pick up the ball and walk towards the  fast ground. He wins initiative and goes first, scoring with velocity, immediate snapback with legendaried ferrite, which he immediately scores back with Ballista. After the game we talked about what could have happened if he had held the ball on hoist in cover,  it would have made an interesting game. Instead, I kick the ball out to farris and sprint to kick to bolt for the snapshot win. My line-up loves a good goal scoring race and unfortunately for my opponent that's what the game turned into. Still a good game and lots of fun!


4th Round

Alex Botts- Fillet,Princess, boiler, boar, meathook, decimate vs Ferrite, iron, farris, bolt, hearth alloy


So playing the World Champ is always a fun experience and I decided to drop my Burnish gameplan in favor of my 3-0 team. Probably a mistake but hey, when playing the best, throw the playbook out the window. I am a little surprised by the Fillet pick but stick with my guns and draft my normal 3-0 list. I kick off with alloy and set him up with Hearth giving instruction (Had I given both it would have made life easier). After decimate retrieves a easy scatter and boar charges to get in the way, I feel like I can get the ball and take a 2 dice shot. After measuring everything out and getting unengaged I make my tackle and go to shoot. Opps! meathook and Fillet are in the ball path so 1 dice needing a 4. Failed the goal and the ball shoots the gap to the other side and behind his goal line. I know the game is over at this point, I just do not want to get blanked so I take bolt and get the ball after taking a beating from Boar and put one in the net and concede. I told Alex that I should have given him a better game but in reality I liked taking that chance even at 1 dice kick to potentially put him in a really bad place. I will definitely have to practice with kicking teams more often as I went 1-2 when kicking and 3-0 when receiving. Very good opponent and made me pay for a high risk attempt.


5th Round

Arthur Washburne- VetRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Gutter, Mist, Decimate vs Burnish, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Iron (This one is incorrect on longshanks)


The start of day 2 and I am determined to play Burnish as my Captain no matter what! Arthur and I start setting up and talking before I realize that he is playing Union and I almost loose my never and play Ferrite but stop myself last second. I choose to receive and fetch the ball with alloy kicking back to iron in my back left corner, dodging away from Mist. After some positioning and other quick tooled up on Burnish, Benediction activates and with second wind moves up close to the midfield next to mist. Well, now seems like a good time for flame belch so I shoot 3 of them into Mist and Bene hitting bene all 3 and mist once. We start the second round and I go with furnace, tool up cast, walk into engage bene and do mom 1 dmg, searing strike, and fire. He heals Bene and moves some models around. Cast comes in like a freight train and destroys Bene with an influence to spare. Iron charges mist and gets and absurd number of hits killing him with a mom 7 damage. Hearth gets double teamed by decimate and rage and melts under the assault. The turn continues with some positioning and arranging for the next round. Alloy gets taken out and ties the game at 4-4, I get a little foggy at this point but I end up taking out the turtle and scoring a goal and he takes out iron. The ball is on mist on the far right, and rage is setup to take out alloy who has returned and retrieved the ball previously to score. I see that it will take me 3 activations to get the final 3 points and it will take him 3 as well, but I get the first go. Furnace tools up cast and walks base with benediction swings and doing searing strike 1 damage (he had healed to full) and fire. Then gets pushed to 2 inches on the counter, finally knocking bene down before ending his turn. Gutter goes and engages alloy and chain grabs hearth for some serious death threats by rage. cast goes and erases bene again putting me to 11. At this point rage goes and murders alloy which I let happen instead of spending momentum, so I could bonus time my last activation. Strongbox had come back on on the corner and had just managed to get within sprint and flame belch range of burnish. Lucky enough, he comes back on with 4HP and with 2 bonus timed shoots killed the turtle putting me to 12 with Mist waiting to score in the wings. Another great game and a really fun opponent. 


Round 6-

Stevan Meisoll- Tapper, scum, hooper, spig1, harry, pintpot, vs    Ferrite, iron, farris, bolt, hearth alloy


Stevan is a NC guy who I have had the privilege of playing a few times now and his brewers are always a good time. I received and set up the bolt turn 1 goal after passing down the line and a quick foot. The ball comes out and he hides it on harry near the back. 



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