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Morts at Spring Fling!

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So this past weekend I attended the Annual Spring Fling out of Virginia. Traveled with a few friends in the car and was set to have a grand ole time! 

I planned to play the unusual line up I had been practicing with for the past month or so.

My 10 was Obulus/Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/oGraves/Pelage/Bonesaw/Cossett/Ghast/Brainpan&Memory

Game 1: Morticians Vs Union

Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Bonesaw/Pelage/Silence/oGraves into VRage/Coin/Mist/Gutter/Benediction/Minx.

W 12-4.  Bonesaw scored 2 goals and Scalpel took out Mist once and a returning Graves and Silence took him out after he returned.

Big plays of the game was a turn 1 Bonesaw goal run. Dervishing off of Pelage. A second turn goal after Graves tackling the ball off of Gutter and kicking it to Pelage who again moves up and passed to Bonesaw so he could score a second time. 

Game 2: Morticians vs Blacksmths.

Line up: Obulus/Dirge/oGraves/Silence/Pelage/Cosset into Capt Ferrite/Iron/Burnish/Cast/Cinder/Furnace

Win 12-8.  Ferrite was killed twice. Obulus scored two goals.

Big play of the game: Obulus in the thick of Cinder/Cast and Burnish. Obulus shadow likes out. Dodges a couple times off of a Snared and Singled out Cinder. Puppet Masters Furnace to pass to Obulus. Takes the 4 inch dodge after the pass to be in tap in Range and scores again.

Game 3: Morticians into Ratcatchers (My first time ever playing into them!)

Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Pelage/Silence/oGraves/Bonesaw into Piper/Squeak/Scourge/Pelage/VGraves/Miasma.

Win 12-7.

Big plays: Bonesaw scores 3 goals. After Bonesaw scores turn 1 he stays about 6 inches from goal pretty much left alone. oGraves and Scalpel strip the ball and pass to open behind Bonesaw out of range of any Rats.

Game 4: Morticians into Ratcatchers again!

Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Pelage/Silence/OGraves/Bonesaw into Piper/Squeak/Scourge/Miasma/Pelage/Skulk

L 6-12.

Felt the full power of the Rats in this game. Piper pushed Bonesaw off the pitch with an attack and heroic. Made Scourge score via Reverie. All I could muster was a counter score via Silence and taking out Pelage.

Game 5 Morticians into Engineers. (This game was a miserable grind)

Line ups Scalpel/Dirge/oGraves/Silence/Bonesaw/Pelage into Ballista/Mother/Hoist/Compound/Ratchet/Colossus.

L 4-12.

The first points of the game were not scored until 40 minutes into the game. The game would have been a little closer if Scalpel didnt miss a pass to Pelage who would than have sprint and shot on goal. Engineer player scored 7 take outs to win.

Game 6 Morticians into Blacksmiths

Line ups Scalpel/Dirge/oGraves/Bonesaw/Pelage/Silence into Capt Burnish/Cast/Hearth/Alloy/Furnace/Iron.

Win 12-6.

Bonesaw scores turn 1 than gets stuck in the backfield near the goal but with Slippery and now Defense 5 they just cant kill him. Scalpel gets Flame Belched off the field from Burnish. Scalpel comes back on the field and removes cast. Alloy. scores a counter goal. Pelage and Graves remove Alloy. Last turn Pelage charges Burnish who is engaged by Scalpel. She dodges off of him into goal range and scores the final goal.

Scalpel and Co did very well and I was never in any clock issues for my games. Usually Obulus I get slowed down trying to maximize PM. Bonesaw scored every time I received the ball now due to all the 3/6 kicks he had access to.

I am happy with the result of playing with Morts since I started playing them at the start of the year. Really looking forward to adding VHemlocke to Scalpel's line up.



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Firstly well done on the results and with scapel. I agree v.hemlock will add a lot to the team overall.

Reading through  I notice no casket and quite a lot of silence? Is this just your prefernce or any particular reasoning?


Also no Brainpan and memory? I have found these two so useful for blocking charges, drags, crowd outs (which scapel likes) and for reliable damage.

How do you find scapel into ballista? For me that seems an unusual choice given how safe engineers can hold onto the ball with close control which forces you into a grind game.

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The couple times I wanted to drop them it was always into someone who had access to multiple AOEs that could do 3 DMG.

I like Silence but when Hemlocke arrives hes the one who looks to be cut. I like him for his kick stat and his sneaky MOM2 on 2.

My meta doesn't have much of a Engineer presence and Scalpel was a bad choice. Scalpel missed a pass to Pelage which would have set me up for the second goal to make the game at least closer. My opponent played a great game and drafted well to counter my team.

I was happy with the 4-2 since this was my first large tournament I've ever played in. 

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