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Found everything I was looking for.

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Dear folks of this fine forum,

I have purchased the new Ratcatchers guild today. Unfortunately, the local supply of single vGraves and Bonesaw models has dried up. Thus I am wondering,

if anybody on here might consider parting with their alt sculpts from the event kit? I am willing to pay via Paypal and cover the fees. The miniatures would have to be sent to Germany, though.

If nothing comes up, I'll have a good reason to start Morticians, but I'd rather just stick with the Rats for now. :)

Thank you very much for any pointers in the right direction.

Have a great day,



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@ADG : Thank you so much, I had not seen that one and it looks like a very good option for now. :)

I will also leave this open for the time being, should anybody still be willing to part with the alt sculpt, as it fits the minor guild so well! 

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