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Sen’s Funhouse and Blighttown: More Wishlisting

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What would you like to see in these, if they were ever to become expansions? I’ll start off:

Sen’s Fortress

-dedicated tiles (6).

-‘moving’ guillotine tokens, each taking up 2 nodes, moving when Enemies activate.

- 3x serpent soilders

- 3x serpent mages

- 2x Balder Knights

- 2x Vagrants

- Undead Prince Ricard

- Iron Golem


- Dedicated Tiles (6)

- Tile ‘Scaffold inserts:’ each with a 1-2-1-2-1 node lay-out that can only have interactions with/between Enemies/Characters while both/either are on them.

- Randomized ‘ladder’ tokens to get ‘onto/off of’ Scaffolds

- no idea about Enemies...



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