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Ratcatchers Launch Night - Glimpses in Sherwood, OR, USA

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Greetings Forums!

We (mostly me) are doing a ratcatchers launch party next Tuesday night (5/1/18) at Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare in Sherwood, OR starting at 7 pm.  There will be a small buy in ($5) for the event paid to the store.  The first eight attendees will receive a cheese ball. 

Players will record two games. The player who scores the most goals in their two games will be entered for the LE Bonesaw model. The player who inflimcts the most takeouts in their two games will be entered for the LE VetGraves. The player who does the most skulking around during their two games will receive the alternate art ratcatchers cards. 

In the event of a tie, there will be a random draw for the LE models and cards.

Below are the roster rules and additional rules for the launch event. 

All coaches shall bring a team of six models, including 1 captain and 1 mascot. In addition coaches may bring two additional non-captain non-mascot models to form their bench.

Before each game a coach will select which six models will form their team for that game. The other two models should be set aside, they might be used later.

The following two rules are in effect in every game.

Labyrinthian Tunnels

At the start of each game, after the kicking player has chosen their side of the pitch. Players take turns deploying sewer tokens. Starting with the receiving player, players alternate placing one sewer marker on the pitch until there are a total of four sewer tokens on the pitch. Sewer tokens cannot be placed within 6” of another sewer token, or within 1” of terrain. Sewer tokens do not affect movement or the placement of the ball marker or players in any way.


Skulking Around

When a model ends it's activation in base contact with a sewer token, the model’s controlling player may remove it from the pitch and then immediately place the model anywhere on the pitch in base contact with another sewer token. If the model has possession of the ball marker, then the model still has possession of the ball marker after being placed back on the pitch.

Alternatively instead of placing the same model on the pitch, the controlling player may choose one model from their bench and place the chosen model anywhere on the pitch in base contact with a sewer token. The model that was removed from the pitch takes the chosen models place on the bench. If the removed model had possession of the ball marker the model chosen to replace it gains possession of the ball marker once placed on the pitch.

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Three quick questions:

  1. When a model is returned to the pitch in the end phase (after a take out), can it be any model from your bench or must it be the model that received the taken-out condition?
  2. What happens to influence allocated on a model after being swapped for a benched model via the sewers?
  3. Do the sewers make Granite good now?

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1. Models get returned in the maintenance phase at the start of a turn and don't go to the bench with the taken out condition. 

2. Nothing, if there is any influence left on the model it would stay with it until the end of turn. 

3. I don't think anything will.

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