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Pipers road to the winter cup

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Ok, so wintercon in Australia is coming up in a couple of months and I’m running rats for it.  I’m going to track my games, thoughts and generally how badly I do in the lead up.  

Kicking that off, got 2 games in last night.


game 1 vs ballista engineers with hoist, Harriet, ratchet and locus.

i played graves, pelage, miasma and scourge

he kicked off with mother dribbling it just over the and to my left. I retrieved with pelage and passed back to scourge who dodged up. He proceeded to send mother in to tackle the Ball and Feed it back to his team. Kind of a cool play really.

Scourge went in and started hitting mother, then proceeded to get wailed in by his entire team.  Bad plan from me there but I didn’t want to get dead bolted and picked off before he went.

i sent the rest of my team up to get into position for the counter punch and managed to sink a goal with piper after sprinting, using haunting melody to jog closer, heroic, tackle and a bunch of pushes and damage them shoot. Seriously, what a dude. We worked it out that if he’d jogged to me, I still could’ve gotten it, albeit, burning my legendary. 

So I finish turn one up on points but way behind on momentum. He won and iced the Ball from piper while while graves got +1 tac.  Graves charged in and managed to knockdown ratchet, ballista and Harriet. And gave a bunch of disease and bleeed. 

We proceeded to grind out, getting a nice scrum going in the middle and I sprinted scourge up twice to get him right back in there as well as healing for 8.  Pelage sprinted in to deal 3 damage to both Harriet and hoist. And I won initiative the next turn. 

Scourge went in first and killed hoist. Then He started trying to drop back and break away from the scrum. I kept the pressure on, killing ballista and scoring again with miasma thanks to reverie 

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Game 2 was vs alchs. Details are a little blurry (long hard game) 

he ran smoke, flask, Mercury, calculus, venin and okat 

i ran graves, scourge, miasma and skulk.

the game dragged out with both of us locking out most goals. Key highlights were scourge killing kat top of 2.

Next turn scourge failed to kill smoke who then got a 7 point take out with her legendary to finish people off and a last attack to do one damage to miasma. 

I scored with reverie and piper managed to deny smoke her goal run.

Game finished up with scourge killing venin after getting taken out. 

Game finished up with 12-10.


pelage is a out for that matchup cause she just dies to conditions. Rest of the lineup seemed to go well

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The one game I played with Pelage against Alchemists, I had the same thoughts, she is very vulnerable to teams that can put out a lot of condition damage. 

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6 hours ago, Mantanza said:

How did  you find disease was with his conditions....or does Miasma solve that?

With healing salve and scourge really not caring, I found myself staying ahead on damage mostly. What caught me off guard was venin going around, punching and heroic to make it 6 damage from conditions 

the biggest thing I was struggling with was I didn’t close the game out quickly enough which let him ramp right up. Then turn I missed killing smoke I played lone striker to make sure I went first. 

Also, they really struggle with graves and scourge once they get stuck in (2 armour on 1, tough hide and snack break on the other)

i really think graves found his home in rats

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1 hour ago, LeadDiceandBeers said:

Looking forward to seeing how you get one. I'm running the same lists in most cases with vGraves, Scourge and Miasma with a Pelage/Skulk flex depending on opponents.


It’s weird. I legit love bonesaw in morts but I find him overkill in rats cause everyone can score with skulk being the worst at it.

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Got a couple more games in again.

first game was vs a newer pundit playing fillet butchers. He ran princess, boiler, shank and boar.

i ran pelage, graves, scourge and miasma 

I kicked off with piper and he proceeded to charge piper first activation with fillet which I didn’t see coming. Piper survived on 6 and the rest of the team unloaded.

I reveried pelage up so she could single out fillet, unfortunately I hadn’t put enough onto. Scourge for him to kill her.  Top of 2, scourge killed fillet and went for a goal run getting it. 

Game carried on with me out threading, out scoring and out killing him. The only disappointing part was he stopped me getting a 4 pt take out by activating boiler engaging pelage to die

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