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Tips against Ballista gunline

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I played a vassal game against a friend last night. Took the kick-off six against Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Harriet and Gutter. 

Ballista kicks, I get the ball back to my lines, but due to a failed kick I don’t get Mom quick enough and harmony gets taken out turn 1.

I then proceed to score, take out Ballista and mother, then at 7 points I stupidly score again loose the ball and several turns worth of shooting starts to take its toll. Without the ball I don’t have any way of generating Mom and healing so it’s just a slow grind with me talking a few chances and eventually loosing  . 

Had it been on the clock I probably would have won, but the problem of being shot half to death with no chance of sending enough models forward to get that last takeout still remains. 

How do you dig yourself out of such a situation. 

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Who are you playing into ballista?

Hammer is pretty good, also players like v harmony and lucky, tower....hard to control hammer coming in and deleting a player even with rough ground. Once you get in there it gets rough for them, can clear conditions (lucky or v harmony) and glide turn 2 for a big threat range...just have to make sure you keep hammer alive (again v harmony). Pressure turn 1 with positioning and if you receive you are in a solid place. Maybe then even an argument for football legend to make those kicks super reliable to get in and win mp.


Also positioning...make sure they are over 3" apart, and centered around v harmony

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