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On 8/6/2018 at 5:50 AM, EpicChris said:

Ironically, the one model that screws Navigators big time is Pride. That Predatory Gaze ganks their 3 INF players (charge...oh NO!). So Order into Navs might be quite tricky. Otherwise Engineer and Alchemists with Compound are probably fine too. Everyone else? Screwed.

I think fathom will be fine into compound, with an opportunity for a 6in dodge and 8 kick she should be fine.

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17 minutes ago, Swissmade said:

Are There anywhere paper-proxies we can use to get some training till the Plasticminiatures are shipped? 

https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/NAVIGATORS DOLLS.pdf?token=AWz-N3UG6TjbiTcO6FsfGWC7_q77NmG84gsCpNq03BZJiLIUdnepWo92zZP9Q5pI0T-LQtJUHEUYx2drwHwk05X64qDdAIkh0gm4vLLguXDLj7i93Lq9eM6s2VwoESWEjMKFzW0N2m-YOy9BeVZvkGlY

Here you go :)

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