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I think Horizon will be a great setup piece. Most players kill the ball in their deployment corners either by dropping it or putting on a hard model to take the ball away from. Horizon if playable by Fish gives up a model to score early with, trade 4-1 score, and then have a model coming back threatening the ball back into play. Though we will see if he is a Fish.

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I'm just not seeing it. With a Mov of 4"/6" it will take a lot of additional resources and set up just to get him up the pitch that it would any normal player that is used to threaten the goal.

I suspect his intended roll is to be able to constantly clear lanes with unexpected arrival to enable clear shots/passes as the Navigators' lower number of dice when kicking is going to be hit harder by negatives than other teams would, even with their re-rolls.

We'll have to wait and see but I'm more in camp "Someone needs to be dropped for oSiren" than "Horizon looks useful so far".

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