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Italian National Championship 2018

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For the first time in Italy history  Guild Ball will have a National Event!!

It will occur the 23th September in the "Delta Florence hotel",  via Vittorio Emanuele 3, Calenzano(Fi).

Due to the unknown number of players, keep in mind that the tournament could end after the fifth game, and if that happens, we will update the schedule.

Max players: 32

Tickets are on sale now and the last chance to buy one will be on 31 of August.
It will cost 18 euro for one day, lunch included.

The Championship will respect the applicable Regional Cup Document:


Each participants will have to bring his own material (miniatures, mesuring tools, clock, gameplan deck, tokens etc).

To register, please send us the participation per paypal to morgan-mazzo@libero.it (please use the send money to a friend option)
In paralell, send an email to usul23@gmail.com with the following:

Object : subscription to NFC_[Nickname]
I send my paypal participation n°[transaction paypal number].
My ID longshanks is [longshanks name],
I will play [guild]
My email is [contact mail adress].
I'm comming from [localisation]/ [country]
I need a specific diet : [regime_spec] (vegan, hallal, kosher etc)

Your application will be total as soon as you will your name on the event longshanks page: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1026

The rosters must be send to: usul23@gmail.com before Sept 18th at 23:30


12/04/2018: begin of application

31/08/2018: end of registrations

1/09/18 – 18/09/18: send us your roster

20/09/18 : we will diffuse the rosters

23/09/18: Championship begin

The tournament schedule is as follows:

Please be carefull, it is only a draft agenda basing on a 4 round tournament, if we are more than 16, a 5th round will be needed and second day will be added.

8.45 – begin of the tournament
9 – 11 1 round
11.10 – 13 2 round
13 – 14.15 lunch
14.30 – 16.30 3 round
16.45 – 18.45 4 round
19 - award ceremony

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