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Hi Guys,


Main site: http://www.clogcon.com/

Guild Ball page: http://www.clogcon.com/guild-ball-2018/

Registration: http://www.clogcon.com/registration/



We will be holding our first Guild Ball Team Tournament. Rules will follow the regional cup organized play rules. With the following add-on(s):
– No captain may be repeated cross teams
– Teams consist of 3 players. There is room for a maximum of 32 teams.


In short:

– Teams will play head to head in 3 matches.
– Each player that wins his match gets 1 PP (Player Point).
– The team that wins at least 2 out of 3 matches will get 1 TP (Team Point).
– The team that has the most TP at the tournament is declared the winner of Clogcon 2018
– We will follow the WTC Guild ball ruleset as close as possible for timings and pairings

Tickets can be bought per team, and give access to ClogCon on Saturday and Sunday. It is possible to buy a separate ticket for the Friday. We will not be organizing any guild ball tournaments on Friday, but the gaming area is available.


ClogCon 2018 will be held near Amsterdam, at Hotel Schiphol A4.  There is a free shuttle bus  that leaves every 40 minutes, taking you to the hotel and back, to Schiphol Airport.

Hotel Schiphol A4 is located on the east side of the highway A4 at 5 minutes’ drive from Schiphol Airport, 10 minutes from Amsterdam and 20 minutes from The Hague.

Venue address :
Hotel Schiphol
Rijksweg A 4 Nr.3
2132 MA Hoofddorp – Schiphol

Travel to Clogcon

By shuttle: Take the train to Schiphol Airport and from bus platform A9 and A13 take the free shuttle bus. Departure times for the shuttle can be found at https://www.hotelschiphol.nl/en/other-information/shuttle-service/.

By public transport: In addition to our free shuttle can also use public transport which is provided by transport company Arriva. This bus stops on either side of the Bridge Restaurant A4. For information on times, stops and routes click on the link below,
line number 370 or 365, 
City/Stop “Hoofddorp Bridge Restaurant A4” is the stop at Hotel Schiphol A4.

By car coming from the direction of Amsterdam (A4): Exit 4 “New Vennep / Alphen a/d Rijn”, at the traffic lights and at the next traffic lights turn left onto the highway in the direction of Amsterdam. Then take the first exit, “P Ruygen Den Hoek”, near the bridge restaurant and Shell gas station. Right towards the hotel.

By car coming from The Hague / Rotterdam (A4): Exit “P Ruygen Den Hoek”, near the bridge restaurant and Shell gas station. Right towards the hotel. For the navigation: If the address A4 Highway No. 3 in Hoofddorp is not recognized by your navigation system, you can enter:

• Option 1) Place Rijsenhout, then via optional special destinations, restaurants, Bridge Restaurant.
• Option 2) Shell Gas Station, The Ruygenhoek


(exact times may change)

Saturday the 27th of October:

09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:00 Introduction and first pairing
10:00-12:30 Round 1
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:30 Round 2
16:30-18:30 Round 3

Sunday the 28th of October:

09:00-09:30 General Gathering/Entrance
09:30-12:00 Round 4
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:00 Round 5
16:00 – Award ceremony


Team Clogcon

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