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Morts Tournament Recap

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Since the start of the year I switched to starting Morticians and it has been quite the learning experience. This is the first control team I've played since starting Guild ball back during Season 1.3

This past weekend was I believe my 3rd tournament with Morticians and ended up taking 1st! It was a small turn out but had a good spread of different teams.

My tournament 10 was: Obulus/Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/Cosset/Brainpan+Memory/Graves/Ghast/Casket/and Bonesaw.

Game 1 against Fishermen.

Played against a newer player but he has grown quickly in skill wise over the past couple months.

Line up: Obulus/Dirge/Cosset/Casket/Brainpan+Memory/Graves.


He won the roll off and choose to receive. Kicked off with Obulus to put the puppet master pressure on. He spent first few activations kicking the ball around away from Puppet Masters threat range and pushed Kraken right up the middle of the field. Near the end of turn 1 the ball was out of range of PM to work so I pulled Kraken further into the middle of the pitch. KD with Obulus and Cosset came in with Dirge Assist and removed Kraken from the field. Putting me up on Momentum and making my choice of Gameplan Cards even better. Morts 2-0.

Turn 2. With Grudge Match up and quite a few crowd outs Siren was removed by Obulus then he moved up and Misdirected and influence on Greyscales so he couldn't pass the ball since he only had one influence to start with. Rest of the turn was players shifting around for position on the field. Morts 4-0.

Turn 3. Won imitative again. Believe I took Midfield General on that round. Obulus Puppet mastered the ball off of Greyscales. Moved forward and kicked in a goal. Opponent kicked the ball out to Salt. Who passed to  Sakana for a quick counter goal. I kicked it back out near Brainpan as Memory had made his way really close to opponents goal. Brainpan passes the ball to Memory who dodge up just within tap in and 8in of Brainpan. Then, failed the shot to close the game. Triple ones. The ball scattered behind the goal which I though was just as good since it was going to kill the ball for a turn or two. Didn't notice oSiren was close enough and she ran over and kicked the ball off the back of the Pitch. It scattered onto Shark. I had no one within range to get to Shark. Though Graves was within range of Greyscales who had 4 life and removed him from the pitch. Shark activated at the end of the turn and booted in a goal. Kicked the ball out and it scattered horribly right to Salt. Morts 10-8.

Turn 4. I was going to win initative but getting the past 2 points was going to be tricky. If I didn't get them the damned otter was going to score. My best opportunity was Obulus killing oSiren in the backfield. I activated Obulus first and popped Rigor Mortis immediatly to take away the counter attack chance plus give me bonus time options. All I needed was one success on five dice to kill her. First attack with Bonus time 1 result. Second attack 1 success. 3rd result a spike of 3 successes for MOM2! All I needed was 1 more hit to land. 4th attack Bonus time... Whiff. 5th attack... Whiff. 6th result one hit landed and killed her off. Mort 12-8.


Game 2 was into a usual arch nemesis who plays Fish as well but this was his first tournament running Alchemists.

Line ups:  Scalpel/Dirge/Cosset/Silence/Graves/Bonesaw


I won the roll off and decided to receive. He kicked off with Smoke.

Turn 1. Silence runs up to get the ball. Kicks to Scalpel. Uses the MOM to tucked Smoke. He felt heavily pressured to do something with Smoke this turn but with no cloud to manipulate he pushed her forward and popped her legendary and poisoned pretty much my entire crew and was left standing about midfield. I kicked the ball the Bonesaw and dodged him up. Scalpel sprinted up and legendary to pull her into melee. Did a few 1DMG push/dodges to pull her farther in. Calculus runs forward and Blinds Cosset. Dirge and Graves moves up into position ready for a hail mary lure. Cosset activates. Hits the one die lure on Calculus. Charges in. Does some decent damage. Compound blocks Bonesaw's goal run. Venin and Naja run up and position to help out the scrum.

Turn 2. Won initiative.  Stacked up Scalpel and activated her first taking out Smoke and putting a couple points into Calculus. Compound moves again to try and block Bonesaw. Cosset activates and removes Calculus. Naja bites a lot of people and repoisons them. Bonesaw finds a spot he can shoot on goal and be out of Compounds Goal Keeper. He kicks back out to Compound. Venin comes into the fight at the end of turn and heroics. Morts 8-0.

Turn 3. Won initiative again. Cosset and Dirge die from Poison/Bleed in the Maintenance. They come back on the flank together. Grudge Match was active this turn. Singled out on Venin and Silence. Cosset and Dirge come back on the side near Venin. Some AOE's and Blind from Calculus and Mercury. Venin and Naja get taken out from the scrum. Compound kicks the ball to Smoke after Bonesaw attempted to steal it and kicked it in. Bonesaw only had one successful attack out of four that was mitigated by Glut Mass. Morts 11-3.

Turn 4. Had the initiative. Graves activated first moved in and engaged Mercury/Smoke/and Calc who had been pressured to stay back by the goal. He tackled the ball and kicked it back to Silence. He then poked Calculus a couple times to set her up as a take out as a back up. Calc takes a parting blow and attempts to tackle the ball off Silence. She fails. Silence walks around her and dodges off of her then kicks the game sealing goal. Morts 12-3.

My opponent and me talked after the game. We both agreed that he was way to aggressive with Smoke and should have Smoke jumped away after legendary.


Game 3 against Blacksmiths with a player from out of our area.

Line ups: Obulus/Dirge/Graves/Silence/Bonesaw/BPM


Turn 1. Won the roll off and he kicked off with Alloy putting huge pressure on the ball. Silence activated and kicked the ball to Obulus then shut out Alloy. Obulus gets tools up and passes to Bonesaw who dodges upward. Obulus goes in and does some damage on Alloy but does not kill him. Bonesaw moves away from the scrum and sets up on the left on the other side of a barrier. Alloy dodges in and does some damage to a KD Obulus who was struck with a Shoemarang from Bolt.

Turn 2. Took the initiative. Obulus tried to get out of the forming Scrum but couldn't crack the armor or land a misdirect to mess with his influence.  More hurt was landed on Obulus and took him out over Furnace and Hearths activations. Bonesaw Meditated and ran over to kick on the goal. MISSED. Rerolled and landed the goal. He kicked out to Cinder who countered a goal to score. Ball was kicked out and snapped onto Bolt. Morts 6-4.

Turn 3. Obulus came back on to pitch. PM'd the ball from Bolt to him. Dodged up due to the team having Showboating. Kicked to Bonesaw who dodged for free far into the corner away from anyone. More scrumming in the middle. Bonesaw scores his 2nd goal. He kicks out toward Alloy. Who again counter scores. I kick out to Silence. and he holds the ball into the next round. Morts 10-10.

Turn 4. He wins initiative. Plays the +1 kick for his team. Farris barely steals the ball from Silence. Passes to Cinder for a snapshot attempt. The kick fails every single roll. Bolt is alive with 1 HP. Graves charges across the scrum and dings the last point of DMG.

I realized after he scored his goal I should have just killed the ball and punted that ball far into no mans land.

This was the first time I've placed with them since I started in the new year. Happy with the progress made and look forward to running them alongside Rat-catchers in the near future.



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