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Some Handy Answers from SFG

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Hi all,

Received an email back from SFG today with answers to a few questions I had. Hopefully will be of use to some other players.

1) Is the treasure cache face up or face down ? At what point is it revealed.

2) When do conditions left active at the end of an encounter disappear ?

3) If an enemy is staggered and has one hit point left, does it die before its attack resolves ?

4) Can you heal another player ?

5) Does the action on a remnant of humanity count as your one non-combat action.

6) Can you block with a card, and then discard that same card to soak up a damage point.

7) How does the Chloranthy ring work ? Can you draw over 6 cards - if so when do you discard down again ?

8) With cards like the Falchion, what resolves first - an enemies push effect or the free shift on the Falchion ?

9) Pontiff Sulyvahn specific - does any damage over 5 (or 3 if he is flipped) get discarded ?

10) What counts as an attack action ? E.g Can I use the move to any space on the Falchion, then attack with it ? Another example - the Kukuris have a discard action which inflict bleed and no damage - is this an attack, or can I still take an attack action ?

11) Abyss Watchers - do the two undead legionnaires inherit the current weakness of the boss attack card ?

12) Abyss Watchers - when do the undead legionnaires attack ? When the boss attack card is drawn, or after you resolve the boss attack card ? (Effects positioning of the legionnaires).

I hope this resolves any questions that you have about the rules.

1) The treasure Cache is face down

2) Once a room is cleared all conditions are wiped.

3) No

4) Yes, you can use a healing ability on a different player.

5) Yes, This is correct.

6) No, you cannot. You must choose one or the other.

7) Yes, you can draw over 6 cards. You don't discard down to below 6, you just don't draw if you're at 6 or higher.

8) Sorry, I didn't understand this question, The Falchion doesn't have a free shift, and enemy pushes would be resolved in the enemy activation?

9) Any damage when swapping from his true form to the clone stays but when swapping from the clone to his true form it does not carry over.

10) He can do the move to any space with the Falchion then attack with it, but the Kukri's is an attack. Anything that damages or puts a condition on an enemy model is an attack

11) No. Cause nothing says they do.

12) When the boss attack card is drawn, before resolving it.

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Brill, thanks. Some brutal rules!

Still confused about that ring because how can you draw more then 6 cards when don't you discard the ring to use it?

And is that card from the discard pile or your life deck? Seems like the same ability as a humanity to me atm.

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