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The Old Buzzard

A tournament day with the smiths.

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I played Ferrite, Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Farris & Bolt in games 1 & 3 .

First against Fillet ButchersI managed 2 goals but failed to finish off either Fillet or Boar and let them recover before recovering to murder me.

Iron charged in again Boar and did :7: + :1:. But I hadn't given him enough. Filet was on her beam ends at the end of one turn and I chose a goal rather than the take out. Lost 12-8

Second: my team in this was Ferrite, Alloy, Iron, Hearth, Furnace & Cinder. I played against a new player running Hammer masons. First thing that went wrong was Furnace missing a pass to generate some momentum.  The game took us ages and we both made daft mistakes. (I didn't notice my own tokens on the table for 'Dirty Knives'. He forgot something with Hammer and missed a goal.)

We timed out. I won 6-0

Third I was outclassed by a Corsair fish team. How will they manage when they can't have Gutter.

He had a plan. I didn't.  Lost 12-4.  All take outs. Iron didn't provide enough hitting power. Def stance on a 4-1 figure messes his plan up. I was pulled in one at a time and beaten up. Not having a mascot and all figures being worth 2 VP hurts in this match up.

Fourth game against Ox butchers I tried Ferrite, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace & Cinder.

Turn 1 goal with Alloy. Cheeky dodge over an obstruction around Ox then dodged out of the way of a Boar charge after kicking the goal.

Furnace hit Ox and Meathook & Vet Brisket were burning. Cast charged Ox and he was there no more. But vengeance came around next turn. Boiler removed Alloy. Ox put up his legendary and removed Cast and then Hearth only had 2 health left! Cinder scored. Boar & boiler removed the rest of the team. The last to go was Furnace.

12-10 Loss.

In all the games I never either remembered of thought it was the 'right time' to use any of the Master's legendary plays. Daft mistakes like that are one reason irregular player like me lose games. 

But it was a good event and the concentrated practice will help me get better.

We used the Game plans. Only once did I have a sinking feeling. That was the last game. Other than that I made good use of them and so did my opponent. There was no way I should have taken "Grudge match" when facing Ox butchers! Didn't play it, but my other cards felt rubbish for that situation too.


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