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Parry as an alternative to Dodge or Armour?

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This idea is really simple: When an enemy attacks you, roll dice as though you were attacking. Enemy rolls a number of black dice equal to the amount of damage they would normally inflict. If you equal or exceed, you cancel their damage. If they exceed, you take damage equal to the difference.

Thoughts? Level the enemies dice colours per their Encounter level? Only allow one Parry attempt an Encounter? Just spitballing.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’ve had some feedback from pretty dedicated boardgame and dark souls players, and we’re thinking something like this:

I think the easy answer is that you can parry but if you fail you take the damage (reduced by armor as normal), plus the action costs 1 stamina.

If you succeed you take no damage, immediately strike the enemy back, but it costs an extra stamina.

The dice rolled would be your shield/great weapon’s stat.

"Silver Knight strikes you for four damage"
Choose to parry
Roll just defensive dice allowed to you for 1 of your equipped and active weapons
If you roll "x" you succeed, where X could be a number of successes equal to the enemies dodge characteristic.
You MUST spend 2 stamina
You MUST attack the target that you parried with a standard attack
If you roll "not x" you fail
You roll your armor check as normal, but without the dice you would get from the weapon you used to parry
You MUST spend 1 stamina.”

Now it shares a mechanical similarity to dodge, but with enough difference to feel unique, and makes you choose between taking the hit, parrying, or dodging...

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