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Hey all,

Just played my first hand the other night and really enjoyed the grief and failure.

Just like the game I thought it would be great to have an area where everyone interested can meet around the bonfire and discuss STRATEGY.

My first lesson: Bosses need good hands, I am talking equipment with more then 2 dmg to get through armour, crazy!




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I played a solo game last night, but with the four characters. It's an interesting combination, they all help each other out in one way or another. 

One thing I struggle with is this balance of weapons to stamina, it seems because you can only buy stamina the deck gets to heavy with stamina draws over things to use them on.

So not sure how balanced it was in testing, but was considering if I should bend rules or shuffle better, if that is such a thing.

After a battle only one or two "treasure" cards is given, if all four characters got a treasure card instead, the decks would evolve quicker and the feel of the changes would be more impactful on the experience. Plus there is so many of them to give out before the last fire!

So that's something to try.

I am also trying to work out what stamina is best for each character in the upgrading. It looks like all of them need three, one is more important then the others and there is also a volume difference between the other two. So there is more to break down there.

Purhaps even trying to keep the same ratios as the initial deck to make the hand draw better.

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If there is a furry convention on, count me in!

I was trying to be funny - the first Dark Souls game you cut the tails off the bosses for rare weapons! All about those rare weapons yo!

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