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Questions - FAQ Required !!

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1) Is the treasure cache face up or face down ? At what point is it revealed.

2) When do conditions left active at the end of an encounter disappear ?

3) If an enemy is staggered and has one hit point left, does it die before its attack resolves ?

4) Can you heal another player ?

5) Does the action on a remnant of humanity count as your one non-combat action.

6) Can you block with a card, and then discard that same card to soak up a damage point.

7) How does the Chloranthy ring work ? Can you draw over 6 cards - if so when do you discard down again ?

8) With cards like the Falchion, what resolves first - an enemies push effect or the free shift on the Falchion ?

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1) I have been playing the cache face down.

2) The conditions disappear when you are damaged by them. The next question to this is can you be effected by multiple conditions at once? If so, brutal!

3) I have been playing they take damage when they become active, just like the way I play conditions on the players characters.

4) I think the Herald can do that and I have found a treasure card that can heal ALL characters. Nice!

5) I figure that yes - these cards when not used as damage dumps, are only used one at a time like an Equipment card.

6) I guess you could, your using it as a damage dump after using stamina to keep it. I am sure that is alright.

7) Have not got this card in game yet sorry!

8) Same with this one, I have not got a Falchion yet sorry!

Hope that helps some.

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Yeah that makes sense, because I have learnt that they all have more specific conditions to them.

Bleed - The next attack against this card gains +1 damage.
So this could sit on a player and not be used until it is hit again. Once hit with the +1 dmg, the bleed leaves the card.

Frostbite - This card suffers 1 damage the next time it moves.
So here, you could technically not move and never get that damage, but yeah that ties movement down. But yeah, did not know this! I have been playing all of the conditions as just +1 damage to next attack! Dang, need to read and remember this more.

Poison - This card suffers 1 damage at the end of its next activation. Can't escape these and need to drop poison enemies as a focus!

Stagger - This card suffers 1 damage the next time it makes an attack! Yeah I think I have been playing stagger right at least!

So yeah maybe some clarification still around if they get removed between two different encounters. It looks like at the moment I can only get two of these in between rests. Have you finished three at all yet before a rest? I am thinking maybe three level ones perhaps, but loot drops are pretty small.

I am liking the game but hey, it seems more simple then the board game which is good playing with friends who are not hardcore boarders! I like things pretty simple as well tbh.

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