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The future of DSTBG and wishlisting

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I’ve been playing DSTBG solo a lot recently, and played with a few other players last night, which really got me thinking about the game as it stands right now, as well as possible future plans that Alex and the game devs might have/want to hear...

-an official Tier/Firekeeper mod released as a mini expansion for the treasure deck. The house rules on here are THE way to go for spells/miracles and leveling equipment, IMO, and I’d love to see an ‘official’ release (or at least stamp of approval!) for them. As well, the mini-expansion could have lots more cards (Tier/Firekeeper indicated on the card itself...) and even different types of souls (Wary Traveler, Forlon Knight, etc.) of different value you could use with Andre...or the Shrine Handmaid for items (*cough*withamini*cough*nudge nudge, Steamforged!)

-Boss Boards (similar to the player boards). I’m working on these already, but I’d love official ones. Artwork, spots to flip heat up and cool down tokens, an actual damage track with the bosses’ health amount (and heat up graphically marked), a spot for the behavior cards/face up bevaiour cards, the bosses basic stats and relevant icons for that boss, etc. 

-plastic fog gate

-endurance bar/stat progression add-ons (just an easy piece of cardboard with columns and rows for Tier 4/5/6 and additional room for  stamina/health cube slots to accommodate future leveling with releases/treasure).

This could even be included in the Shrine Handmaid/Treasure mod expansion...just call it collectively Firelink Shrine Expansion...

-Plastic Firekeeper and Andre (ok, I REALLY want a Firelink Shrine Expansion...)


As for future expansions/boss releases I’d like to see...well, they’ve already mentioned The Painted World, but I wasn’t clear if that was supposed to be Ariamis, or Ariandel. I hope it’s the latter (Millwood, baby!), or both. Corvians, Crows, Millwood, oh, my! They’ve also confirmed Nito, so...awesomeness.

Obviously, I’d love, Love, LOVE to get a Twin Princes official Mega Boss, Deacons of the Deep would be fun and unique, Abysswalkers are just badass, and...Yhorm? (just cuse he looks awesome). 

Id also like more verticality in future tiles, where you can’t dodge or move onto levels, have to use ladders, etc. Blighttown seems an obvious expansion for changes in verticality.


So, what would everyone else like to see?

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  • Official tiered decks would be cool in my opinion, but this needs a lot of though to be balanced...
  • I'm interested in extra tile sets for bosses. As of now only O&S and Dancer has the right "coloured" area or tile set for the encounter. One with this old cathedral and the other one with the castle.
  • Not sure about Boss Boards. The way it is right now is fine I think, would get quite crowded on the table... but I could change my mind once you can show yours.
  • +1 for Plastic Fog Door
  • Instead of stat add-ons I would like to see reworked level mechanic. Not fond of the 3/4 tier system they have going on atm. Not sure if endurance bar needs any work to be honest.
  • +1 Firekeeper & Andre Miniature... They should probably make an NPC Add-on or something.
  • Don't think we need different types of souls, just more soul tokens in general. What I would like to see is Boss souls. So much you could do with those!

I have a feeling it's going to be the Painted World of Ariamis, since common that fluffy tail. We need that fluffy tail. Only problem is how is that invisibility mechanic going to be implemented...

Nito's gonna be awesome if we ever reach that point. We already have the area's Invader aswell - Leroy.

There's really a need for verticality or terrain in general... Blighttown definitly is a unique place from DS1.

I'm mostly at this point what expansions that supplement the bosses we are going to get that we already know of.

  • Since were getting Manus at some point... I've would like to see a Oolacile expansion with Hawkeye Gough. Probably a hydra for Darkroot Basin.
  • High Wall Lothric expansion is a must. Since we have 3 bosses that use those areas. Winged Knight, Dancer, Vordth + Boreal Outrider Knight (This could be in a another expansion aswell)
  • Irithill is one of the most visiually impressive locations in DS3. A lot could be done with Freeze token I imagine in this place. In DS2 there was a DLC area aswell that was covered in snow, can't rember the name of that atm.
  • Depths from DS1 for Gaping and those thorch hollows, Oh boy Oh boy...
  • Dragon Aerie, very impressive scenary in the VG and compliments the Guardian Dragon... in that area there was a lot of them, and ofc the one with the cage as the main boss.
  • New Londo Ruins, damn those ghosts, abyss walkers, those slimes that summon exploding skulls... and of course Primodial Serpant Kaathe.
  • Undead Asylum would be nice, but not needed I think since we mostly have all the enemies. Maybe tile sets for the area.
  • Huntsman's Copse for Executioner Chariot. There are a number of interesting enemies in there aswell, like those whip guys...
  • Forest of the Fallen Giants, but there aren't that many unique enemies there, so maybe tie that Last Giant to some other place. Maybe the memories of the Giants or something...
  • Finally would love to get Gwyn with Black Knights

I think this is enough for now I think :P


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